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Corpus Christi BeachCorpus Christi Beach has a great location on Corpus Christi Bay at the northwest side. It is across from Harbor Bridge sitting between the bridge and Nueces Bay Causeway, a connection leading to Sunset Lake and Portland, Texas. The beach lines a bay front expanse that includes a row of bay parks, including Surfside Park and Catamaran Park. An aerial view of the area reveals just how prime a location it is; there are several nearby top city beaches, it is fifteen minutes from Mustang Island State Park and South Padre Island, and just a little farther to Port Aransas. Yet with all these famous beach areas surrounding it, Corpus Christi Beach Texas still earns a top spot for one of the best beaches in the area.

There really is no denying the many appealing qualities of North Beach, as the locals call it. Traditional beach activities like swimming and sunbathing are obviously popular and with such a wide beach going on for miles, everyone can find room to relax or play. The water in the bay is not much cooler than the ocean. The Gulf is separated from the bay by barrier islands and there is rapid water exchange, predominantly at the Port Aransas channel.  During the summer, the bay reaches temperatures of 80+ degrees Fahrenheit and remains that way into late September and October when it cools down, but not significantly.

The entire area bustles with activity. Scores of first-rate restaurants are all around the immediate area. Beach parks with playgrounds and other facilities are at hand. If shopping is of interest, you can’t go wrong by popping into the many interesting bayfront shops and boutiques. Renting bicycles and touring the beach and nearby areas is another good way to boost an experience.

To strike out and get an excellent look at the Corpus Christi beaches and the surrounding banks of the bay, paddling is a great choice. Paddling in the bay is the less physical counterpart of sea kayaking, an extremely popular activity throughout the barrier islands. Paddling the bay is possible at any time of the year and without stronger ocean currents, it can be a more peaceful experience too. There is a kayak launch pad at the beach near Rincon Point just before the causeway at Rincon Channel.

If staying at a bay front hotel seems like the best balance between city attractions and natural ones, than you’re in luck. Several hotels are located behind Corpus Christi Beach, only a few minutes’ walk from the shore. The Radisson Hotel Corpus Christi is near Golf Place Beach Park, an inn up the way near Burleson Park, and Days Inn Corpus Christi Beach further along on Surfside Boulevard. There are several major attractions along the beach, including famous USS Lexington Museum on the Bay, a museum featuring a highly decorated WWII aircraft carrier open to the public in a floating facility filled with artifacts relaying the vessel’s rich history. The Texas Aquarium is another must-see attraction if you’re with kids. Feeding demonstrations, dive shows, and more are ideal entertainment.

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