Best Texas Beaches

Best Texas Beaches
The best Texas beaches line the Gulf of Mexico, a coast spanning more than 600 miles. With no shortage of beaches in supply, it’s still evident that these sandy stunners are often overlooked. For those who are familiar with the local cache of oceanfront playgrounds, finding the best Texas beach becomes a challenge worth taking. From the heavy dose of sand and sea in Galveston to the pristine natural beaches of Padre Island National Seashore, there is much to be discovered during beach vacations in Texas.

East Beach
This popular beach on the east side of Galveston is ideal for all ages, but particularly appealing to younger crowds who enjoy the ability to imbibe alcoholic beverages on the beach. Dozens of special events, scores of convenient facilities, and a massive, gorgeous beach pave the way to relaxing days on the Gulf. If you’re looking for the picturesque Texas beaches that you imagine when you think of the coast here, East beach is a good choice.

Stewart Beach
As family-oriented as it gets on Texas’s Gulf Coast, Steward Beach in Galveston is a charmer with families, but also offers so many things to do that all ages can find something exciting to do. A combination of services—a snack bar, large, shady pavilion, several volleyball courts, and more—are an attractive group of qualities and an even more attractive beach.

Boca Chica Beach
Boca Chica Beach in Boca Chica State Park can be described as a blend of both South Padre Island and its northern national seashore. The Rio Grande River splits Boca Chica and Mexico apart while Brazos Santiago Pass divides Boca Chica from South Padre. This is the tropics, and combined with a sandy shore, it is considered the best beach in Texas by many. With little more than a jetty and few homes, Boca Chica speaks to the nature lover with extremely scarce development. If you slip out of your reverie, try fishing, snorkeling, kiteboarding, and swimming.

Corpus Christi Beach (North Beach)
Tucked behind Mustang Island and Padre Island is Corpus Christi Bay, an urban environment highlighted by beaches including Corpus Christi Beach. To get there, head past Harbor Bridge until you spot it, but make sure you walk as no cars are permitted in the beach area. It might come as a surprise to find such a great beach within city limits but it’s a nice surprise indeed. Transparent water and fine sand flank this popular stretch, dotted with wooden cabanas, seafood restaurants, and small beach shops.

Crystal Beach
Located on some of the finest real estate in Texas, Crystal Beach is one of many (mostly undeveloped) beaches, and one of the best Texas beaches, on 27-mile Bolivar Peninsula, part of an oceanfront community popular with Houston locals. Crabbing and fishing are well received activities. In the spring, combing for shells is a popular family pastime. Birding is also a great way to explore both the beach and seaside bird species, especially in spring. With plenty of Crystal Beach vacation homes available, keeping the beach in view at all times is entirely possible.

Padre Island National Seashore
Another nature-lovers delight, Texas’s national seashore is an amazing place to visit and explore. It is the best beach in Texas for anyone favoring pristine, natural landscapes. It’s filled with picture-perfect backdrops with no development in sight, just native flora, fauna, and the big, wide beach. A hike around, swim in the ocean, and some relaxing time on the beach are all perfect things to do here. Camp here and find out what it’s like to swim, fish, picnic, cycle, and beach-comb from dawn to dusk.

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