Seaside Beaches

Seaside Beaches
Seaside Oregon Beaches wind for more than three miles along Oregon’s northern coast. For most of the length of the beaches, a wooden promenade separates the beach from the vibrant little town of Seaside Oregon. This longtime vacation favorite is a fascinating place to step away from the everyday hustle and bustle, complete with great shopping and scenic views everywhere you turn. Whether you’re strolling along the Prom—as the locals call it—lounging on the beach, or seeking adventure, you’ll find just what you’re looking for along this scenic slice of the Pacific coast.

The Promenade/City Beaches
Like most of the Oregon beaches, the ones in Seaside Oregon are largely undeveloped and free to enjoy. No badges or tickets are needed to enter the beach and start having fun. The long stretch of city beaches are easily reached from Seaside’s vacation rentals, hotels, and downtown business center. Many people choose to walk to the beach, this three-plus miles of powdery soft sand that separates Seaside from the sea. The list of things to do is long; beachcombing is an ever-popular pursuit along the beaches of Seaside. You also could watch for wildlife, sometimes as big as a migrating gray whale or as majestic as a bald eagle. Other beach pursuits can be enjoyed here, including flying kites and swimming. The Prom, just steps away from the beach, is another popular gathering place. Many locals and visitors take the time to go for a stroll or a bike ride at various times of the day. Don’t miss the chance to to visit the Seaside Aquarium on the north edge of the Prom. The resident sea lions and seals are especially charming.

The Saltworks
None of the Seaside Oregon beaches has quite the connection to history as the Saltworks. When Lewis and Clark were making their famous trek to the West Coast, they spent a lot of time along the Oregon Coast. Not far from the modern-day town of Seaside Oregon, the explorers stopped along the Pacific to gather some much-needed salt for the rest of their journey. Today, the beach just off Avenue U is part of the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park, a sprawling collection of sites with locations in Oregon and Washington State. Every summer, living history interpreters gather along the Seaside beach to re-create the trek of the famous explorers. A statue dedicated to Lewis and Clark—and their trusty Newfoundland dog—stands at the center of the Promenade’s turnaround, one of the most visited locations in all of Seaside.

Delray Beach
While some of the best Oregon beaches require some effort to visit, this is not the case for Delray Beach. Just minutes from the ample parking lot, you’ll find one of the quieter Seaside Oregon beaches. Part of a state recreation area, Delray Beach is completely free to enjoy. This peaceful little park doesn’t have a lot going on, but that means you have a lot of space to stretch out a blanket or pull up a beach chair, where you can sit and watch the scenery. The sunsets here are quite spectacular—so you might want to plan a visit at dusk. During the day, you might find people flying kites or building a sandcastle.

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