Lincoln Beach

Lincoln Beach
Lincoln Beach Oregon, nestled along the central coast, separates a chic coastal city from the Pacific Ocean. This city of artisans takes beachcombing to a whole new level. In the later fall into the end of spring, city officials place handcrafted glass floats in the Pacific Ocean. This is an old tradition used by anglers to catch fish. Today, these are precious works of art. Anyone who finds one of these colorful floats is invited to keep them. The Lincoln City visitor center is happy to give out a certificate of authenticity to any of the lucky beachcombers who find one of the floats.

The glass floats are just one of the reasons that a visit to Lincoln Beach Oregon is something to savor. The beach offers an intoxicating mix of outdoor adventure and scenic views. Whether you’re looking for excitement, relaxing stroll on the beach, or something in the middle. Whatever your style, you’ll find fun along the Pacific in Lincoln Beach.

In total, the beach meanders for seven miles—making this one of the longest, and many would say, best Oregon beaches. With so much beach available, you won’t have to worry about crowding or excessive noise. Some portions of the beach feel rather secluded without feeling desolate. Other stretches of the beach are popular with families who gather along the shore to peek in tidepools or fly kites. The tides and wind conditions bring some amazing things to the beach, everything from finely carved driftwood to seashells and agate, a type of semi-precious gemstone—talk about finders keepers.

All through the year, Lincoln Beach is an excellent place for watching wildlife, and a few months of the year make up prime whale watching season. Gray whales pass by several times a year on their annual migration from Baja California to Canada. The whales are typically spotted around Christmas. By late March, the males swim through the waters off Lincoln City, with the mothers and baby whales arriving a bit later in May. The whales often favor quiet waters, so they’re easy to spot in the early morning or the early afternoon. Some other whales hang out along the Oregon coast year round, as do shorebirds and other wildlife.

Because the whales and the other wildlife can be tough to spot from the shore, you’ll have a better vantage point from the sea cliffs or the rooms on the upper floors of the Inn at Spanish Head. Plenty of local outfitters lead whale watching excursions for even better views. Many of the same outfitters lead fishing charters, departing from the docks of Lincoln Beach Oregon.

The Lincoln City beaches, with the high winds and waves, have captured the attention of surfers and adventure seekers. The water is rather cold, but once you dress for the weather, you’ll have the chance to find adventure in the ocean. Besides surfing, Lincoln City adventurers also enjoy windsurfing. Nearby Devils Lake has calmer conditions if you’re not ready for the ocean waves.

For those who want to enjoy the beach with the hassle of getting wet or sand in your shoes, they have many ways to soak in the views. A drive along U.S. Highway 101 redefines the scenic route. Many of Lincoln City’s hotels overlook the beach, and plenty of great shopping and cafes are within a few steps of the shore.

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