Indian Beach

Indian Beach
Indian Beach Oregon, a part of Ecola State Park just north of the town of Cannon Beach, might best be known for its cinematic connections. Two popular movies—The Goonies and Point Break capture Indian Beach’s dramatic natural beauty on film. More than two decades after these films were made, people still come to see where the movies were made. Plenty more come to experience time in nature away from the hustle and bustle from ordinary life.

As one of the best Oregon beaches, Indian Beach near Cannon Beach is a big draw in every season. One of the most scenic places along the entire Oregon Coast, Ecola State Park lies between Highway 101 and the Pacific Ocean. The famed highway that winds its away along America’s West Coast is home to many interesting places to explore, including Indian Beach Oregon. Cannon Beach is one of the northernmost cities in Oregon, several scenic hours from the California border.

Once you arrive at Indian Beach Oregon, you won’t need to worry about paying a big entry fee or buy a badge. Like many Oregon beaches, Indian Beach is free for everyone to enjoy. A few of the Oregon State Parks charge a day-use fee, but they are few and far between. All you need to do is find a parking spot and stake your claim. While the Cannon Beach beaches are popular, they never seem crowded. You’ll have plenty of room to stretch out, get out your kite, or catch a wave.

Whether you’re looking for adventure or the chance to relax, you’ll find plenty of fun to suit your style. Surfers will appreciate the big waves that crash against the stone. Plenty of surf shops in and around Cannon Beach can equip you with everything you need to ride the waves. Others know Indian Beach Cannon Beach as a fine place for a stroll—the wide stretch of smooth sand is especially well suited to long walks on the beach. Don’t miss the chance to stop and look at the tidepools to see an array of marine life up close.

Indian Beach Cannon Beach also shares a deep connection with history. The Corps of Discovery—led by Lewis and Clark—stopped here on their trek west. Charged by president Jefferson with discovering the vast lands of the Louisiana Purchase, the Corps followed a thick forest in the future Cannon Beach and arrived at the Pacific Coast on the beach now known as Indian Beach. Today, the path to the beach is paved, so it’s a whole lot easier to get there 200 years later. The Clatsop Loop Trail meanders through the park, following in the footsteps of the explorers. This interpretive trail tells the story of Captain Clark and his followers who trekked to the beach in search of a beached whale. This 2.5-mile trail winds from Indian Beach to the overlook for the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse.

Ecola State Park is part of the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park, which winds through part of Oregon and Washington. Created in 2004, this sprawling national park preserves many of the places visited by the Corps of Discovery. It too is home to some of the most scenic spots along the Pacific Coast, including Indian Beach Cannon Beach.

Top image: verdance (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0

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