Coopers Beach

Coopers Beach
Coopers Beach is consistently named one of the best beaches in the United States. White sand stretches over the coast of Long island, New York, home to this clean, family-oriented beach. The combination of fine-grained white sand, abundant and convenient amenities, and ample parking come together garnering fervent applause. Southampton has enjoyed a lengthy history as a beach community and over the years, has honed Coopers into one of the best loved beaches in New York.

If possible, head to Coopers Beach Southampton New York during the week to find it considerably less crowded than the weekends when it gets outright jammed. Yet traffic jams and crowded sand doesn’t seem to stop beach lovers from frequenting Coopers, it just gives them extra incentive to get up early, get to the beach, and set up before crowds burst onto the scene. The beach is located on the eastern end of Long Island and is the Village’s main beach. Extending more than 500 feet, the beach connects to a longer sandy stretch spanning more than seven uninterrupted miles, all of it owned by Southampton Village. Main Beach and Coopers Beach are considered smaller beaches in East Hampton but merged with the entire Long Island coast, there’s more than 100 miles to explore.

The area, well known for encompassing charming villages, numerous award-winning wineries, and a deluge of fine dining choices, is also a popular spot for romantic retreats and Hollywood stars of course. History, art, and endless farmlands also play a big role around the beach where history dates back to the mid-17th century. Staying near the beach in a rental, hotel, or other lodging choice means the ability to take time to delve into the many attractive assets including hiking trails, historic sites, and golf courses. Simply strolling through some of the area’s smaller villages brings about unexpected and pleasant encounters, from quaint shops to amazing eateries.

Finding Coopers Beach Southampton New York is relatively easy. Look for Meadow Lane/Coopers Neck Lane intersection in Suffolk County and follow through to 268 Meadow Lane. Getting there by car is easiest but to avoid the pricey surcharge, rent a bike from Southampton’s main village and pedal there. Upon arriving early, visitors will notice a high level of cleanliness throughout the beach, which is raked and cleaned daily. Pretty beach grasses and undulating sand dunes add more appeal to the scenic backdrop.

If there’s ever such a thing as having enough of Coopers Beach Southampton New York, then heading out to shop is a great way to cool down and enjoy some of the trendiest shops outside of NYC, from iconic designer boutiques to local haunts creating cold, tasty treats. Walking the streets in villages like Bridgehampton, visitors are spoiled for dining and shopping choices and can access some of the hippest nightlife options on the island, from swanky wine bars to casual alfresco pizza joints. If an amazing beach paired perfectly with appealing villages and waterfront recreation is your style, then Coopers Beach is the right choice for a quintessential Southampton experience.

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