Asbury Park Beaches

Asbury Park Beach

Asbury Park beaches are located at the center of New Jersey’s ocean coastline. This city is known for two things—its beautiful beaches and its most famous music scene. Nestled along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, these beaches along the central New Jersey coast are just 60 minutes from Manhattan. Whether you’re seeking fun in the sun or looking to relax, a visit to Asbury Park will nicely fit the bill.

Thanks to its strategic location and abundance of natural beauty, Asbury Park was a natural location for a resort town. While Atlantic City is better known for its boardwalk, Asbury Park pioneered this notion. When this wooden structure was built to separate the sand from the town, it quickly provided a springboard to turn Asbury Park into a summertime destination.

Entrepreneurs and city engineers added more amusements and amenities over the years, drawing even more crowds to Asbury Park and its neighbors. Bradley Beach was named for same man who made Asbury Park a must-visit.

In the 1970s, the Stone Pony music club opened, providing a proving ground for up-and-coming musicians, including the Boss and Bon Jovi. Just a generation after doo wop changed the fortunes of the Wildwoods, this neighbor along the shore gained fame as a center of rock ’n’ roll. But, as happened with many towns, there was a time of decline—but now the town is resurfacing as a new generation brings business and life to the central Jersey shore.

Then, as in now, the beaches were the biggest draw. As you’d expect for New Jersey beaches, the stretches of sand and surf are packed with people in the summertime. Even though the beaches are busy, that doesn’t mean you won’t have plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy all there is to offer. The various beaches are known by the nearby street names, so it’s easy to figure out where you are along the Asbury Park beaches. Metered parking can be found on many of the namesake streets, just steps away from the beach.

During the high season, badges are required for beach visitors older than 12—anyone younger needs to be accompanied by adults. No upcharges are added on the weekend. Season passes also are available, with steep discounts from those age 13 to 17 and 62 and over. The fees go towards the upkeep of the beach and paying for public amenities.

Lifeguards begin their patrol on weekends starting on Memorial Day at the Third Avenue Beach. When June 20 arrives, there’s full coverage on this beach and several others until the traditional end of summer on Labor Day.

On these patrolled beaches, you’ll have a choice of activities. Some visitors use their time at the beach as chance to relax, paying attention to a good book and the feel of the sun on their shoulders. You also could take the chance to snooze or just people watch. You also could go for a stroll along the white sands or even try surfing at the Eighth Avenue Beach. Surf chairs are available, allowing those in wheelchairs the chance to enjoy the beach.

Just steps away from the sand and shore, the boardwalk continues to make Asbury Park New Jersey a popular place to visit. By day, the shops and restaurants draw a lot of attention—and most of these are open all year. After dark, the clubs and music venues continue the tradition of live music along the shore.

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