Wailea Beach

Wailea Beach
Wailea Beach is one of the most picturesque stretches of coastline in southern Maui. As with many of the other beaches in Hawaii that occupy the bays, this golden-sand beach is crescent in shape and offers calm waters where people of all ages can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, and other fun beach activities. Wailea Beach Hawaii is also particularly popular because of its central location on the southwestern coast of Maui. There are a variety of golf courses, state parks, and impressive interior hiking trails available to the public. There is no shortage of activities to enjoy on the beach, including kayaking, boogie boarding, and there’s even a huge trampoline in the water for the kids, and adults who want to act like a kid for the day.

One of the reasons that Wailea Beach is a popular vacation destination is that there are two sizable resorts that offer all-inclusive packages and offer access to rentals, gear and equipment, lessons, tours, and much more. Although Wailea Beach is popular, this does not mean that it is overcrowded. The size of the beach and the fact that the majority of the people who visit it are guests of the adjacent hotels means that the numbers stay fairly constant. It is buzzing with activity and people having a good time, but is certainly not so crowded that you cannot enjoy a peaceful day of sunbathing or relaxing under an umbrella with a nice island cocktail.

A definite advantage to staying at Wailea Beach is the access to amenities like beach service, concessions, and public facilities. There are changing rooms, showers, swimming pools, and qualified lifeguards patrol the beach.

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