Oahu Beach Hotels

Oahu Beach Hotels
The Oahu hotels offer more in the way of variety than the hotel groups that can be found on any other singular island in the Hawaiian chain. Many of the hotels on Oahu also front one of the world’s most famous beaches. This beach is Waikiki Beach, and it is the main attraction of Honolulu’s Waikiki neighborhood. Most of the Oahu tourists understandably end up staying at one of the Waikiki Beach hotels, though there are other good beaches and beach hotels to keep in mind. Up on the North Shore, for example, the Oahu beaches are beautiful, and the Turtle Bay Resort provides an excellent place to call home for a while.

The Oahu hotels include guest houses, inns, B&Bs, motels, resorts, and just about anything else that you can imagine. As such, visitors have little trouble finding something that fits their wants and needs. Regardless of the hotel in question, it is likely to raise its rates during the main high season, which runs from mid-December to March. A secondary high season of sorts runs from June to September, and it tends to see Oahu lodging rates go up as well. Every other period is considered to be the low season, and these periods are when visitors will experience lower rates and less tourist crowds.

Waikiki Beach Hotels

Numerous hotels are found on or near the sands of famous Waikiki Beach, and they are the most popular hotels on the island of Oahu. Some estimates actually claim that 90 percent of Oahu visitors stay at one of the Waikiki hotels. The majority of the beachfront properties are resorts, and there are some pretty amazing ones to select from. An example is the Trump International Hotel Waikiki Beach Walk. This relative newcomer offers what it calls “ultra-luxury,” and one visit is all that is required to determine that the 5 star rating is justified. Gourmet kitchens and marble baths are among the highlights in the guest units.

Another high end Waikiki Beach hotel that discerning travelers might consider is the Embassy Suites Hotel – Waikiki Beach Walk, and there are plenty of others. Some Waikiki Beach lodging establishments, such as the well-situated Outrigger Reef on the Beach, offer many amenities at a lower price, and hotels that are set a block or more from the beach tend to have lower rates overall.

Honolulu Beach Hotels

Waikiki is a Honolulu neighborhood, so all of the Waikiki hotels are also Honolulu hotels. As mentioned, the Waikiki hotels that are found a block or so from the beach tend to have more favorable rates than those that are right on the sand. An example is the Hawaiiana Hotel. A delightful Honolulu hotel, the Hawaiiana is just a block from the beach and offers convenient kitchenettes in its highly affordable guest units. As for other ideas when it comes to the Honolulu beach hotels, the Hawaii Kai neighborhood is home to some enticing lodging establishments. If nothing else, Oahu visitors might keep Hawaii Kai in mind for the Kahala Hotel & Resort. It is a true gem of a hotel and can serve as an excellent alternative to the Waikiki hotels.

Kailua Beach Hotels

It can really be beneficial to consider all of the Oahu hotels when trying to find accommodations on or near the sand. In the Kailua Beach area, for example, there are some hotels that some travelers might just find to be ideal. The rates at the Kailua hotels certainly aim to please, and there is enough in the way of variety to make things interesting. The Paradise Bay Resort is similar to a motel in many ways, and bed and breakfast enthusiasts who wish to stay within close proximity of the sand are likely to approve of the Lanikai B&B.

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