Hapuna Beach State Park

Hapuna Beach State Park
The Hapuna Beach State Park is one of the loveliest beach destinations on the west coast of Hawaii’s Big Island. The Kohala Coast in Kona where it is located is exceptionally pretty. The beach itself is a breathtaking, half-mile stretch of golden sand that offers surf that is accommodating for swimmers nearly all of the time. There are portions of the beach that are good for swimming and snorkeling, but there are also places where you can catch some waves for body boarding and even surfing occasionally. A half-mile may not sound like much, and it certainly pales in comparison, in terms of size, to other beaches in Hawaii like Waikiki, but for this main island of Hawaii, it is actually quite big. As a result, it is one of the most popular beaches on the Big Island. There are all kinds of beach sports and activities to enjoy.

The bottom of the beach is sandy and the shelf extends out a good distance, allowing people to traverse out into the ocean a good ways. There are not usually strong under currents. There are times, particularly during the winter, when the current can become substantially stronger and you will want to exercise greater caution during these times. You will not have to go it alone, however. Lifeguards patrol the beach and there are signs that indicate the condition of the water and surf. Just pay attention to the signs and you’ll be fine. (The weather is still amazing during the winter months and the water conditions are perfect for body boarding during this time). For the majority of the rest of the year, the water conditions could not be more conducive for swimming. The southern end of the beach is absolutely ideal for snorkeling, as the waters are exceptionally calm and there is an extensive coral reef.

The natural beauty of Hapuna Beach will strike you upon first seeing it. The Hapuna Beach State Park overall comprises over 60 acres of gorgeous coastline and lush tropical land. The impressive beach is crowned on either side by rocky outcroppings and formations. When the tide is low, the beach can be as wide as 200 feet, making for an exceptionally wide playground for everything from volleyball and soccer to sunbathing and people watching.

Another reason that Hapuna Beach State Park is popular is because it offers a lot in the way of public facilities, as well as plenty of room to stretch out and relax. There are grassy, shaded areas with pavilions and picnic tables. There are also BBQ pits. You can pack a lunch and enjoy the great outdoors in the calm and tranquil shade of towering palms with the gentle sound of the surf in the distance. There are also changing rooms, showers, bathrooms, and concessions. There are several accommodations within easy walking distance of the beach, but this destination has the advantage of not being overcrowded at all.

The Hapuna Beach State Park is easy to access, situated just off of Highway 19 on the coast. It is 30 miles north of Kailua-Kona.

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