St Simons Island Beaches

St Simons Islands Beaches
St Simons Island beaches bear a wealth of attractive qualities in a location both easy to arrive at and especially scenic with a distinctly quiet, affluent atmosphere. Golden Isles Georgia coastlines are a trove of natural rewards: rare driftwood, unique shells, and a rich diversity of wildlife living among responsible human development. At less than two hours’ drive from Savannah, St Simons Island is a great place to visit for a day trip. The island’s close proximity to other coastal points of interest create abundant opportunities to explore during vacations to the Georgia coast.

Saint Simons Beach
With a large part of the coast cut off from the ocean by Sea Island, which tucks into St Simons along the mid to northeastern end, the southeast is the focus of island activity. St Simons Beach is here on the south end. This part of the island has become fairly eroded, and though it is a prominent island issue, it isn’t one plaguing visitors. This stretch of beach is a four mile sand coast beginning at King’s Creek on the west side and ending at Gould’s Inlet on the south east side. Though location predisposes it to inclement weather, St Simons Island Beach is still a popular place to swim, throw a ball around, or just enjoy the view (which often includes dolphins at shore).

Coast Guard Station Beach (East Beach)
Close to Saint Simons Beach on the east side, East Beach isn’t as popular as the two coastal parks, but this Golden Isles Georgia beach still garners a fair bit of attention. Expansive shoals exhibit the way in which long-shore ocean currents move large amounts of sand between islands. The shoals leave fascinating areas to explore, an especially big hit with kids who also swim in the surf here. East Beach is well known as a base for exploring the historic Coast Guard Station. A visit pairs beautifully with time spent along the shores. The Coast Guard Station is the place to go for educational exhibits and talks on the Georgia coast. Marsh kayaking, science camps, naturalist led boat trips, and ecology tours are a few attractions worth noting.

Massengale Park
Massengale Park has an ideal coastal location on the southeastern island side off Ocean Boulevard and to the west of East Beach on St Simons Island. Several miles of beach and public amenities are available, making this beach very popular. Picnic facilities with outdoor grills, restrooms, and showers are open. Visitors also enjoy bird watching with sea birds taking rest in the accumulation of park trees. With hard-packed sand on the shore, cycling is also a popular endeavor. A key attribute here is the access to the often isolated southern section of East Beach.

Neptune Park
Neptune Park is set within a small village, also at the south island tip. Though moderately sized, the park is home to one of the best St Simons Island beaches, also adjacent to a park with many facilities, and overlooking St Simons Sound. Aside from the beach, the predominant features are two massive live oaks offering shade over much of the park where there are picnic tables, loungers, and benches. There is also a fishing pier for fishing, shrimping, and crabbing and trolley tours leaving from the park. The park has a newly installed Fun Zone which includes a large swimming pool, wading pool with a fun climb-on feature in the middle, and large sundeck surrounding it all.

Top image: ralph and jenny (flickr)
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