Savannah Beaches

Savannah Beaches
Savannah beaches are just the thing for getting away from a stifling hot city. Savannah is incredible with so much to offer, a starting point can be confounding. From history-rich sites to amazing comfort food, Savannah offers a bevy of things to do and enjoy.  Exemplary tourist infrastructure boasts an amazing array of hotels, wonderful restaurants featuring southern delights and global specialties, golf and shopping galore, and family attractions that beat out most Georgian cities. Yet, no matter what you’re doing in Savannah, it’s inevitable you’ll end up at one of the city’s nearby islands for the most attractive coastal diversions and some of the best beaches in Georgia. The short over-the-border jaunt to South Carolina opens the door to more incredible Atlantic beaches.

Tybee Island
The closest of all Savannah beaches is Tybee Island, about a half-hour drive south. The close proximity means Tybee has inevitably been well-developed, yet there is still a strong sense of evident naturalism, especially on the coast. Kayaking is popular, a great way to explore, and the only way to reach Little Tybee. The historic lighthouse, history museums, and several key forts present the island’s past comprehensively. As with all Georgia’s Sea Islands, wildlife is another key component of tourism, where the likes of turtles, sea birds, dolphins, and more have cameras snapping. With plenty of lodging choices, from hotels to private beach rentals, vacations can be as long or short as desired.

Little Tybee Island
Getting to Little Tybee Island by kayak, canoe, or small guided boat might well be one of the best and most interesting eco-tours available near Savannah. The incredible diversity of natural wealth bestowed upon Little Tybee has deemed it an island where no person shall live, and for good reason. Dolphins, vibrant blue jellyfish, scores of migratory birds, and thousands of crabs are only a small part of the large dose of animal life teeming on one of the only undeveloped Savannah Georgia beaches. This is the place to enjoy long stretch of secluded beach, rustic camping, and shore fishing.

Nanny Goat Beach
Just south of Blackbeard Island National Wildlife Refuge is Sapelo Island, home to nearly deserted Nanny Goat Beach. Broad, soft sand lines the southeastern side where a lone pavilion offers shelter from hot summer sun. The pavilion is the only development on the beach, which is why it remains so secluded and untouched in appearance. With no development, making your own fun is the only way to go. Swimming, fishing, and shelling are permitted. There are tours available to nearby Hog Hammock, a historic island site, as well as marsh hikes across the island.

Golden Isles Barrier Islands
St Simons Island, Sea Island, and Jekyll Island are home to the best Savannah beaches. Each island is set apart by unique characteristics with common denominators being the beautiful Atlantic Coast beaches. On St Simons, the long beach is flanked by cozy cottages, small inns, and guesthouses naturally set into the landscape and near restaurants and shops. Sea Island is nestled against St Simons with a small waterway separating the two. Unless staying at upscale hotel The Cloister, beach access is restricted by public roads do offer some coastal views. Jekyll Island rounds off the most popular islands and offers choice Savannah Georgia beaches including isolated Driftwood Beach and family-friendly Glory Beach.

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