Driftwood Beach

Driftwood Beach
Driftwood Beach has been called one of the most beautiful beaches in Georgia. The scenes along the waterfront are like those from a magnificent painting. The most predominant feature Driftwood Beach Jekyll Island are the endless fallen trees, gnarly and gray, a product of long shore drifts (causing shifting sands) and longtime beach erosion. In some areas there are large collections of these natural graveyards, preserved by ocean water and salt air. Visitors are allowed to walk the sandy shores and explore one of the most interesting shorelines on one of Georgia’s most compelling barrier islands.

Driftwood Beach Jekyll Island has ten scenic miles of practically deserted beach with plenty of sand and sea to indulge earnest beach lovers. With a naturally occurring beachfront, there is little here to see that isn’t a product of nature. The beach is at the island’s north end, where saltwater habitats, a natural beachfront, and lush forests unite to create an unmatched vision. The Tidelands Nature Center is also here, where naturalists lead island expeditions that educate on the flora and fauna in the saltwater marshes. Various habitats create opportunity to see a bounty of wildlife that includes egrets, herons, dolphins, and turtles. The nature center rents out kayaks and canoes and offers guided tours as well. Small craft tours are possible between the months of March and October.

Scores of seabirds populate the island, creating a rare diversity attracting avid bird watchers. In fact, Georgia Coast Birding & Nature Festival happens annually in October, mainly celebrated on the island along with some other coastal areas, and with tons of educational activities and entertainment.

Jekyll Harbor Marina is the place to go for all fishing needs. Boat rentals, bait, tackle and other gear is easily rented from this convenient location by Driftwood Beach Jekyll Island. The marina has dry storage and wet slips for rent for long and short term stays. Renting a boat is another great way to reach parts of the beach that might be impassable by foot. There are also dolphin watching tours and sunset sails where the views of Driftwood Beach are captivating.

Yet another wonderful way to explore the beaches, forests, and marshes is by horseback , a popular activity on Driftwood Beach. This weather-permitting activity creates a whole new perspective on the island and is a great way to traverse beaches. Most tours leave from the nearby picnic area, Clam Creek, from Monday through Saturday.

If all you seek is a beach to call your own, Driftwood Beach Jekyll Island delivers, with a scarcely populated shoreline that seems more Robinson Crusoe than Georgia coast. Drop your towel, swim in the surf, or just catch some sun in the peaceful quiet permeating the beach. Shell collecting is a family favorite and a way to keep the kids occupied and delighted, with plenty of tidal pools to delve in to. Shore fishing is another possibility if leaving the beach isn’t a desire. Mornings and early evenings are the best times to cast a line.

Beachview Drive is the main access point to several entries leading to Driftwood Beach. These paths are easily accessible and well defined. On the side of this main road are several parking lots for all-day parking. Visitors should note the time of day and the tides. During low tide, the beach is wide with plenty of room but during high tide, the water can reach the trees that edge the outskirts of the forest, leaving much less room for beach activities.

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