Hobie Beach

Hobie Beach
Hobie Beach, also commonly referred to as Windsurfers Beach, is a top destination on Key Biscayne in Miami Florida. It is a premiere beach that is best known for its array of water sports and activities, not the least of which are windsurfing and traditional surfing. The position of Hobie Beach Miami on Key Biscayne and the resultant cross winds make for a windsurfer’s paradise. Hobie also offers perfect conditions for swimming and snorkeling, as well as sunbathing and reading on the beach. The bay front features a fine selection of shops and restaurants, and you will also discover rental shops for everything from fishing tackle to scuba gear.

Hobie Beach is lined with shady palm trees. People enjoy the option of basking in the hot sun or taking refuge on a beach chair or towel under one of the towering trees. Although the beach itself is on the narrow side, it nonetheless affords plenty of length, such that visitors can easily enjoy a relaxing experience. Although it is a great place for R&R, thrill seekers engaging in the ubiquitous windsurfing are found up and down the bay front. It is possible to rent gear for windsurfing and you can also charter and rent boats nearby for scuba diving excursions or deep sea fishing expeditions. You can rent catamarans right on Hobie Beach, not surprising given the sports-oriented nature of this beach in Miami.

You will not lack for anything when it comes to food and drinks. Not only does Hobie Beach offer the perfect location for water sports of all kinds, it also serves up quite a bit in the way of dining options, from casual, to several higher-end outfits. This is a relaxed and laid-back area that primarily features beach bars and convivial restaurants where you will find plenty of fresh seafood and ice cold beverages.

Fishing is another favorite pastime on Hobie Beach. It is perhaps the second most popular activity behind surfing in general (windsurfing included). Anglers enjoy surf fishing and many also take the opportunity to take a boat out on the water for a day of fishing in deeper waters. You’ll find all the rental gear you need right by the beach. Hobie Beach is also notable for being one of the few Miami beaches that allows dogs off the leash. So, if you plan to take your mate along on vacation, he or she will be free to enjoy this active beach along with the rest of the family. An added bonus is that there are walking and biking trails at this beach as well.

Hobie Beach offers comprehensive public facilities including restrooms, showers, changing rooms, and beachside parking. There are food and beverage concessions right on the beach. You will also enjoy compelling views of downtown Miami from this particular beach, and when you are done soaking up the rays, you can head into the city to enjoy everything from professional sports to a vibrant nightlife scene. There is something for everyone to enjoy in the city of Miami. If you are planning a visit and are interested in a beach where water sports are abundant, you owe it to yourself to look into Hobie Beach Miami.

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