Fort Myers Beaches

Fort Myers Beaches
Fort Myers beaches do not disappoint when it comes to aesthetics, activities, and family attractions. Fort Myers and Cape Coral comprise what is known as the “Gateway” to Southwest Florida and the many tourist destinations that line the coast to the south of this particular vacation hotspot. The beaches of Fort Myers Florida are situated on Estero Island, which is located just to the west of Fort Myers proper. These pristine, white sandy Florida beaches face out toward San Carlos Bay, which opens up into the Gulf of Mexico. Fort Myers offers a little bit of something for everyone, from attractions in historic downtown to endless opportunities for fun in the sun on the beach.

Fort Myers Beach

The principal beach in the city also happens to be one of the safest in the entire region for swimming, snorkeling, and other family activities, especially those that include small children. This is because Fort Myers beach faces San Carlos Bay directly, even as you will have amazing views of the greater Gulf of Mexico. The shallow and calm waters provide an ideal environment for sandcastle building, sunbathing, and relaxing on the beach. There are lifeguards on duty throughout the beach, a full range of public facilities, and all manners of beach amenities and services. There are portions of the beach that are alive with people taking part in all kinds of activities, and others where it is completely possible to enjoy privacy and tranquility. This is major advantage to vacationing along the beaches of western and southwestern Florida. There are expansive stretches that make it possible for people to enjoy all kinds of activities. Snorkeling and diving, swimming, fishing, and kayaking are just a few of the favorite pastimes available at Fort Myers Beach. There are also many places to eat and drink on the beach, as well as vacation rentals and hotels.

Times Square

No, you did not just click into a section about New York City. Rather, this Times Square refers to a small section of Fort Walton Beach that resembles the vibe and atmosphere of Key West. There are small cafes and outdoor tables with umbrellas, lots of places to enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail, and fine restaurants line the beach. There are also fun places to shop. The beach itself offers opportunities for sunbathing and swimming on a safe and fun beach where there are lifeguards and public facilities.

Lynn Hall Memorial Park Beach

Lynn Hall Memorial Park Beach is located at 3410 Palm Beach Boulevard in Fort Myers Florida. It is specially situated north of the Matanzas Pass Bridge, adjacent to Times Square. This is a particularly vibrant, beachfront park that offers a fishing pier, several restaurants, parking, and a full range of public facilities. The parking is first come first serve, so you will want to arrive early if you intend to spend the day enjoying the beach at this park. The sand and surf is perfectly suitable for swimming and sunbathing and you can rent gear and equipment for many fun activities. There are several hotels, as well as a host of vacation rentals within immediate proximity of the beach.

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