Daytona Beach Beaches

Daytona Beach BeachesBeaches in Daytona Beach are generally wide along the entire stretch of coast, and the conditions are favorable for activities like swimming, snorkeling, and body boarding much of the time. A skilled network of lifeguards patrol the beach at a variety of posts and use a system of flags to indicate surf conditions and whether or not it is safe to get in the water. Because of the fact that millions of tourists pour onto Daytona Beach each and every year, the beaches also feature all manner of public facilities and services—these are among the best beaches in Florida for travelers. From changing rooms, showers, and bathrooms, to restaurants, beach bars, and equipment rentals, you will find just about everything you need without having to leave the beach itself. You can even reserve beach chairs at no cost along most portions of the beach.

There are a wide variety of access points for the 23-mile beach. You can check out as many of the different public beaches as you’d like, but may find that the private beach located outside your Daytona Beach hotel or resort suits you just fine. Frank Rendon Park, Oceanfront Park, and the Ora Street Park are just a few of the beach parks that offer everything from picnic pavilions and barbecue pits to volleyball nets and access to a huge variety of water sports. There is certainly no shortage of activities to keep everyone in your group happy and busy. People here take their own boats out and also charter boats, whether for deep sea fishing or just a sunset cruise. There are many different ways to pass an enjoyable afternoon or evening in Daytona Beach.

The nightlife scene in the city is another huge contributing factor for why so many people make Daytona Beach vacations their trip of choice. Spring break in Daytona is evidence of this alone, as hundreds of thousands of college students from around the country land in the city for one big party that lasts nearly the entire month of March. But it is not during the period of spring break that Daytona Beach is hopping with things to do. The nightclubs, bars, and restaurants are in full swing throughout the year, catering to the droves of travelers seeking an escape from the colder weather conditions farther north. For people who prefer a slower pace, there is a lot of fun entertainment. You could take the family to a water park or to one of the huge shopping malls in Daytona, or out to a show in the evening. There are performances throughout the summer at places like the Peabody Auditorium and the Ocean Center.

Another thing to check out in Daytona Beach is the dining. There is an abundance of fresh seafood to enjoy, and many of the casual restaurants feature lively and convivial atmospheres that are enjoyable for adults and kids alike. Many of the best restaurants in Daytona Beach feature awesome views of the ocean. You’re sure to have a memorable experience no matter how you choose to spend your vacation.

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