Fort Lauderdale Vacations

Fort Lauderdale Vacations
Finding the perfect vacation destination can be a puzzling task. With so many wonderful options, it’s hard for potential visitors to know where to begin. The answer is to do some extra research. Florida is full of destinations with different personalities, and not all beaches will be appealing to all travelers. One of the top destinations in south Florida is Fort Lauderdale, a beach known as a northern neighbor of Miami that offers more affordable dining, nightlife, and wide stretches of golden beaches. For an affordable south Florida experience, Fort Lauderdale vacations should be at the top of your list.

For many travelers, a Fort Lauderdale beach vacation begins at the local airport. This international airport has affordable direct flights from across the country and beyond, making Fort Lauderdale a gateway into the rest of south Florida. While some people use this airport to connect to Miami, others stick around for the pleasures Fort Lauderdale has to offer. When you sit down in your beach chair, sink your toes into the sand, and feel the cool ocean breezes, you will know you found a perfect vacation destination in Florida.

Fort Lauderdale vacations can take many forms. Some visitors choose the comfort and convenience of vacation rentals right on the beach, while others prefer all the amenities of a major resort, and luckily, the Fort Lauderdale beach hotels run the gamut. There are few destinations that attract spring break college students and families too, but Fort Lauderdale is one of them. This destination has all the nightlife and live music to offer the college students, and the safe beaches and water sports to keep families entertained. Beyond the endless beach activities, kids will love the chance to visit Butterfly World or embark on a cruise of the coastline.

A Fort Lauderdale beach vacation also has plenty of entertainment by night. Adults who want to try their luck at gambling can do so after a relaxing day on the beach. Shopping and spas are other relaxing options if you can tear yourself away from the golden shores of the local beaches. Another of Fort Lauderdale’s biggest attractions is a natural one. From May through October, sea turtles return to their home beaches to lay their eggs. Encountering these creatures can be one of the most special moments of Fort Lauderdale vacations, especially for kids. Plan ahead to try and work this phenomenon into your trip.

Despite the city’s party reputation, a Fort Lauderdale beach vacation is actually an excellent option for families. Parents are often drawn to Fort Lauderdale because of the presence of lifeguards on these beaches. While waters off the Florida coast are generally safe, rip currents are still a possibility, and it’s a great relief to be at a well-staffed beach with plenty of facilities. Don’t forget to plan ahead to see the gorgeous sunrise and sunset in Fort Lauderdale. These daily events are sure to be a highlight of your trip to the Sunshine State. Another perfect finish to a day at the beach in Fort Lauderdale is to go for a jog, walk, or cycling trip along the beachfront promenade under the shae of palm trees. This is exactly the Florida you’ve been looking for.

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