Long Beach

Long BeachThe coastline of Southern California is packed with appealing beaches. With so many stretches of golden sand where you can watch dolphins swim by and take your first surfing lesson, how do you narrow down the choices? One favorite local option is Long Beach California. Beyond sunbathing and water sports, Long Beach is also known as an entertainment hub of Southern California. Whether you’re traveling as a family and looking to keep kids entertained, or are simply looking for a little more action during a romantic getaway, the beaches in Long Beach CA will satisfy all your vacation cravings.

Long Beach California might be best known for being the home of the lavish Queen Mary. During a visit you can take a tour of the boat and learn about its history. Kids might be more interested in a trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific while young couples will be drawn to live music venues, gourmet dining, and nightlife. Families might also want to note that Long Beach is a short drive away from Disneyland. If you’re trying to create a vacation that will appeal to all members of the family, this stretch of California might just do the trick.

The beaches in Long Beach CA make it easy to soak up the best of the great outdoors. Stretching for 5.5 miles, active travelers can spend their days cycling, roller blading, or indulging in water sports. There are many fun ways to cool off in Long Beach California, including jet skiing, kayaking, boat tours, windsurfing, and more. The laid-back Southern California attitude is on prime display here, and it is just as normal to spend an entire day sunbathing as it is to take your first scuba diving lesson. One activity not to be missed is getting out on a boat and seeing the beach from a new perspective. Sunset sails will be particularly romantic.

Beyond beach activities there is plenty of entertainment in Long Beach, including nearby golf courses, shopping, and nightlife. While these options are readily available, many visitors choose instead to spend their days fishing, cycling along the waterfront, and enjoying a meal of fresh seafood while watching the sunset. Southern California is all about simple pleasures, and Long Beach completely embodies that philosophy. One popular excursion away from the heavenly beaches is a boat trip over to Catalina Island. Taking only one hour, this boat trip offers gorgeous views and the opportunity to soak up the sun on Catalina Island for a day.

You might be wondering about the best beaches in Long Beach CA. While this destination is well known for its entertainment and attractions (as well as a lack of waves for surfing in comparison to other spots in Southern California) it also has beautiful stretches of shoreline to offer. You can’t go wrong with kicking off your sandals in Long Beach proper, but other nearby options include Naples, Belmont Shore, and Long Beach Peninsula. These beaches are specifically noteworthy for their scenic beauty. After a day savoring these natural pleasures, many visitors are happy that Long Beach also offers a great dining scene, nightlife, and a thriving arts district too.

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