Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach
A trip to San Diego wouldn’t be complete without escaping the bustle of the city for some beach time. There are wonderful beaches surrounding the city where you can spend a day or two soaking up that famous California sunshine. One of the top choices is Coronado Beach San Diego. Located about five miles from downtown San Diego, Coronado City Beach is easy to reach from the city. Visitors are drawn to this affluent area for Coronado Beach, which was named the 5th best beach in America by the Travel Channel. A beach with that kind of recognition has to be something special, and Coronado Beach lives up to its reputation.

So what makes Coronado Beach San Diego so special? It’s a combination of factors. First, the beach is impeccably clean. If you’re tired of beaches that aren’t well taken care of, you will love sinking your toes in the sand of Coronado Beach. This beach also has a reputation for being very family-friendly. Here you are just as likely to see couples sunbathing as families building sand castles. Parents can be sure that their kids are safe as the whole beach is patrolled by lifeguards. If you’re looking for a place that is relaxing yet offers all the amenities of a full-service beach, than Coronado City Beach will be a perfect match for you.

Beyond the basics, visitors love Coronado Beach San Diego for the rest of the scenery. It is almost impossible not to be charmed by the mansions lining the ocean or the yacht clubs lining the bay. If you’re interested in boating during your visit, these yacht clubs are a great place to begin your planning. From sunset boating tours to fishing options, there are many ways to get out on the ocean during your visit to Coronado Beach. The pleasures don’t end here, however—this beach is also known for upscale dining and bars with creative cocktails. Many visitors arrive to spend a couple hours sunbathing and wind up staying much longer than they intended.

If you want to get specific, Coronado City Beach is divided into three regions. The first is called North Beach, and visitors looking for a place to surf will be drawn here. Central Beach is the main area of Coronado Beach, and this stretch of sand offers the most action. The last area is to the south, called the Shores. Here you will find many people bodyboarding and longboarding. Some guests love Central Beach for its action, while others prefer to set up shop on a different, quieter part of the beach. No matter what type of beach day you’re envisioning, the different areas of Coronado Beach will deliver the type of atmosphere you crave.

Coronado Beach is only one of many beaches in San Diego. You might arrive to explore the city but find yourself spending more time at the beach. Other popular options near San Diego include Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. If you’re tempted to get in the rental car and keep exploring the beaches of Southern California, there are countless options to choose from. Some top favorites include Santa Monica, Venice Beach, and Zuma Beach in Malibu. Whether you want to work on your surfing skills or work on your tan, the beaches of Southern California won’t disappoint you for a minute.

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