Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach
While Airlie Beach is best known as a gateway to the stunning Whitsunday Islands, it is also a destination in its own right. Many travelers dream of visiting the Great Barrier Reef, but Airlie Island holidays can be just as satisfying. Arriving in Airlie, a lot of visitors expect to be able to go swimming. At this beach however, there is one challenge, jellyfish. While the jellyfish keep most people out of the water, Airlie does offer an alternative to cool off. The manmade lagoon is an excellent place to go for a swim, although some people do miss the waves and atmosphere of the ocean.

Despite the jellyfish, Airlie Beach is still a popular option for all types of travelers from families to backpackers. This major hub to the Whitsunday Islands has developed its own atmosphere, but still, main travelers arrive at Abel Point Marina for the journey to the islands. If you’re traveling on a budget, there is a lot of affordable accommodation here that makes spending a couple days at Airlie attractive. Day trips to the Whitsunday Islands are possible with a home base in Airlie Beach. For many visitors, the relaxing atmosphere of Airlie means they intend on taking a day trip, but wind up sunbathing instead.

Many Airlie Beach holidays are spent enjoying the manmade lagoon. Stretching to 820 feet long and surrounded by areas for sunbathing, this is an ideal spot for a relaxing afternoon. The pleasures here don’t stop once the sun goes down; in fact the lagoon is open for swimming all night long too. There’s no need to worry about safety here as there is a lifeguard during the day and a patrolman at night. Be sure that your trip to Airlie includes a Saturday morning. On this day, a market takes over the waterfront and you will find local souvenirs and food.

Jellyfish pose a serious danger at this Queensland beach, as visitors can tell from the many signs warning about these creatures. Don’t even attempt to swim without a bodysuit, and even then, locals would advise against it. Besides the presence of jellyfish, Airlie Beach is also famous for its nightlife. Affordable accommodation draws backpackers, and with backpackers comes nightlife available any night of the week. From beach parties to bars and pubs, you will be able to find some fun without looking very hard.

Adventurous travelers will find a variety of activities to fill the days at Airlie Beach. Sailing around the islands will reveal why this part of Australia is so often called paradise. For yet another perspective, splurge on scenic flights or sky diving. If you’re interested in local wildlife, crocodile safaris are sure to deliver an adrenaline rush. Travelers planning an exploration of Australia beaches should add Airlie to the list, along with beaches along the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. These beaches are all so heavenly—you will never want to return home!

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