Byron Bay

Byron Bay
Of all the beaches on all the coasts, Byron Bay Australia is one that many travelers remember most fondly. Although Byron Bay beach is over nine hours away from Sydney by car or bus, many visitors seek out the golden sand and crystal clear waters of this coast. Worldwide, the name Byron Bay is synonymous with surfing, scuba diving, whale watching, and a carefree lifestyle.  This reputation has spread in recent decades and now more than 1.5 million people per year visit this Australian hotspot. Whether you’re planning a trip to explore the nearby Gold Coast or simply want to see what the fuss is about, spending a few days at Byron Bay will be pure beach bliss.

If you like a beach with an atmosphere chock full of artists, filmmakers, and writers, than you will love Byron Bay. This beach has become known as much for the lifestyle it offers as for its beaches. More so than the other Australia beaches, Byron Bay is known for its creative flair. While this is attractive to some travelers, others come for the simple pleasures of surfing and sunbathing. Warm water attracts surfers from around the globe. The main beach for surfing is Byron Main, where smaller waves break closer to shore. At the southern end of this beach is the Pass, a spot that can at times be overcrowded with surfers.

Byron Main isn’t the only place to surf at Byron Bay beach. On the north side of Byron Point is Watego’s Beach, a popular spot for longboarders. Another option is Tallow’s Beach, on the south side of Byron Beach. This beach is little known by tourists and waves here tend to be larger. If you’re more interested in watching surfing than participating, this is a great place to witness some impressive skills. If you forgot your surfboard, don’t worry, there are many rentals available starting as low as $20 a day. Don’t be surprised to see pods of dolphins around while you’re surfing as well—this is a common occurrence.

Beyond surfing there are many more activities in Byron Bay Australia. For those who are trying to take things a little slower, spending an entire day sunbathing is common. Here, topless sunbathing is acceptable and some foreign travelers might be surprised at how many people choose to do so. Snorkeling and scuba diving are also popular activities. Julian Rocks, located just five minutes off shore, is perfect for both snorkeling and diving. There are many companies that offer both tours and certification programs if you’re interested. Whale watching is another choice for getting out on the water.

If you’re looking to add a little exercise to your trip, rent a bike and go for a cycle along the Byron Bay Cycleway. To fuel up afterwards, there are many restaurants and bars located right along the beach. This beach is also known for its nightlife. The surfing and sunbathing attracts a high number of backpackers, so expect for nights to get rowdy. Located just one hour away from the Gold Coast, it is possible to combine visiting Byron Bay with an exploration of the Gold Coast. There are also flights from Sydney and Melbourne to this popular beach. Many travelers say they enjoy the local eye candy as much as the beautiful beaches.

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