Sao Paulo Beaches

Sao Paulo Beaches
Sao Paulo beaches might be difficult to envision when visiting the incredibly fast-paced city, yet there are certainly some must-see Brazilian beaches in the surrounding area. Smooth white sand, warm tropical sun, and swaying coconut palms offer an ideal reprieve from city life. Sao Paulo Brazil beaches can be a far trek from the well-oiled inner-city areas, but the trip out to the coastal areas is well worth the effort.

Caraguatatuba Beaches

Situated on Sao Paulo’s northern coast, Caraguatabtuba beaches include more than seventeen different stretches of beach, each offering numerous natural attractions to soften the existence of the many hotels, restaurants, and bars, and each presenting many possibilities for coastal activities.

Praia do Encanto Beach

Beloved for the tranquility that transpires here, Praia do Encanto is situated near Garapua town. If heading to the area, ask your hotel for transportation as it’s a trek for taxis. The natural setting and peaceful nature equate to one great place to swim and relax with a good book.

Guaruja Beaches

Though the beaches of Guaruja are the most touristed and developed, they do have their high points. The central beach is called Pitangueiras and is the most frequented. There are chairs all over the beaches to use, but they are provided by the beachside restaurants and you’re expected to order food and drink from them. People watching, swimming, and just enjoying the animated atmosphere makes the day pass pleasantly.

Sao Sabastiao Beaches

Sao Paulo beaches of San Sebastiao are tucked along the north coast. They are some of the most stunning natural attractions near Sao Paulo—think towering cliffs, pounding waterfalls, and raw, wild expanses fringing the beaches. Time is well spent enjoying the beach and swimming, but cliff diving and paragliding are the top things to do.

Pontal Beach

Easily the most isolated beach, Pontal features more than ten miles of classic coconut groves amid a stretch so quiet and deserted you might even be the only one there. The difficult access means transport by a local tour or boat is essential but well worth the cost. Due to the remoteness of Pontal Beach, traveling with a large group is recommended.

Santos Beach near Sao Vincente

Noted as the most breathtaking of all Sao Paulo beaches, Santos Beach is tied to the nearby city called Sao Vicente, which is the oldest of all towns in Brazil. Besides rich history, a four-mile long garden-lined harborfront is a key feature. It’s called the longest beachfront garden in the world. It is fringed by cafes, restaurants, and local fruit stands. If you’re looking for an excuse to explore, head to the nearby Coffee Museum.

Ubatuba Beaches

The memorable name of this beach isn’t the only noteworthy aspect about it. Beautiful, inspiring stretches of sand offer some of the best sailing, surfing, and other seaside pursuits. Popular Ubatuba beaches include Itagua, Lazaro, and Itamambuca. Within the hillsides abounds lush, tropical rainforests, which only complement the rich, natural beauty of the area.

Periube Beaches

Peaceful inlets and scenic bays along with lovely waterfalls draw many visitors to the beaches of Periube. There is also a natural reserve area within the vicinity with rich wildlife and beautiful natural foliage. All this surrounding beauty makes these beaches excellent choices when exploring Sao Paulo Brazil beaches.

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