Ipanema Beach

Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most iconic Brazil beaches there is. It is a trendsetter like no other, setting the standard for beaches around the world, rather than following them. Just up the way from its equally famous counterpart, Copacabana Beach, Ipanema Brazil is as posh and fashionable as it gets in Brazil. Bronze, sculpted bodies are almost competition to the fantastic scenery. Exceptionally lively and reputed as the original birthplace of the teeny weeny Brazilian bikini, Ipanema has an atmosphere all its own, and one that virtually no other beach can compete with.

On Ipanema Beach, visitors will find a deluge of things to do. Soccer, belly boarding, and volleyball are all sports that can be seen played by Brazilian beauties along the shores. The difference between Copacabana and Ipanema, though, is that Ipanema offers a resoundingly relaxed backdrop. For one thing, swimming conditions are much better, with inviting waters displaying calm conditions so that all ages can enjoy a dip. A distinct area is cordoned off for moms and babies to enjoy the beach with interruption or too much activity.

Slightly curved with a very gentle slope leading into the water, Ipanema is a very wide beach flanked by an endless run of hotels, inns, restaurants, and shops. The sand is a medium grain and pure white and there are abundant facilities all around. There is virtually no shade, but beach umbrellas are widely available and inexpensive. From mid-morning to the early hours of the afternoon are best for tanning since the sun comes from the east side. A wonderfully mountainous landscape beyond the rows of hotels offers a nice break between nature and ripe development. Because of the width of the beach, the bars and restaurants along it aren’t as prominent as they are on some other well-developed beach areas in Brazil.

Ipanema beach has a unique and cherished beach culture. Younger crowds from the favella, Gucci-chic folks, and middle-class Brazilians all intermingle creating a cocktail of culture. Each section of the beach exhibits a different kind of culture. Volleyball players, sunbathing couples, families, and surfers each stake their claim to a part of the beach so it’s easy to find a spot where you feel comfortable. Taking a walk from one end of Ipanema Brazil to the other is a must to get a real feel of what this Brazilian playground is really like. The urbanized, fresh, and animated backdrop is one of the best for people-watching.

Street vendors flock to Ipanema, which means you’ll have almost anything you desire at your fingertips. Coconut-bowl cocktails, hats in all styles, beach towels, local foods, and other beach accouterments are all available. If you’d rather visit at a quieter time, hit the sand anytime early in the morning. Crowds don’t start arriving until around 10:30 or 11 a.m. Locals visit mainly during holidays and on the weekends. For an exceptionally fantastic time, visit Ipanema Beach and surrounding area around Carnival, anywhere from March through April depending on the year.

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