Maceio Beaches

Maceio BeachesMaceio beaches are renowned as very relaxed and laid back, two redeeming qualities that bring beach-lovers around to experience a Brazilian beach without a hectic pace. Set on the northern coast, Maceio is smaller than many coastal capitals. Its best features are the ten or so miles of alabaster sand fringed by aquamarine water, offshore coral reefs, and scenic islands. Maceio Brazil exhibits its highlights along both the northern and southern coasts, which are home to some of the most charming Brazil beaches, where the Alagoas coast waits to be explored.

Ponta Verde

Ponta Verde is one of the best urban beaches in all of Maceio. Clear and calm, the waters are nothing but inviting. Water sports are frequently practiced in these parts, such as diving, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. Another attribute of this beach is that camping is available here.


One of the most celebrated and visited beaches in the area, Pajuçara spills over with local families and tourists most of the time. This is mostly due to the very calm water conditions that offer an excellent base for swimming and snorkeling. The natural swimming pools Brazil can be found along this stretch of beach, along with showers, tents, and bike racks.

Cruz das Almas

Surfers from all over converge on Cruz de Almas, where surfing conditions are excellent. There are many exceptional reefs along this beach in Maceio Brazil yet they can be very dangerous to explore depending on the tide.

Praia do Frances

Praia do Frances is roughly ten miles from the center of the city yet is still considered one of the Maceio beaches, and a famous one at that. The water color here changes from intense blue hues to clear, bright green colors. The abundant reefs along the coast make it a great place for jet skiing, surfing, and windsurfing. Praia do Frances is a great for socializing, too, with plenty of restaurants and bars easily accessed from the beach.

Barra de Sao Miguel

This is Alagoas’s best and most-loved of all Maceio beaches. Locals love it, which means a rich cultural scene for visitors. The beach also offers really good fishing as well as surfing and visitors will see both sports practiced with passion here along the coast.

Praia do Gunga

Flanked by swaying coconut palm trees and featuring sugary-white sand, Praia do Gonga is home to all the best beach attributes and then some. Natural pools along the coast are one of the main draws, yet so are the many hotels, bars, and restaurants, which create a commendable hospitality scene.


Great waves make Jatiuca one of the best Maceio beaches for surfing and the bright green water make the backdrop pleasant to look out at. Plenty of restaurants and hotels can be found here, all of which become extremely busy when the body boarding and surfing championships come into town. Weekdays are especially nice for visiting as crowds are rare and the atmosphere is quiet and relaxing.

Praia Pratagi

Get off the beaten path and enjoy one of the most laid back of all beaches in Maceio Brazil at Praia Pratagi. Situated on the north coast, visitors go for the calm, but also to see the manatees swimming among the mangrove swamps and corals. The extensive stretch of beach offers another key feature—when the tide is low, walking out to explore the abundant coral is easily possible and the super-clear water offers exceptional photo opportunities.

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