Porto de Galinhas Brazil

Porto de Galinhas Brazil
Porto de Galinhas is defined by more than 100 miles of stunning Brazilian beaches spanning the Atlantic Coast. To the north is Recife, a quintessential Brazilian city featuring many of the country’s top attractions, namely the beaches, which include Galinhas, Calhetas, and Carneiros. This area is encompassed by the state of Pernambuco of which Recife is the capital. Rich with cultural attributes, dotted by beautiful Portugese architecture, and filled with tourists between December and March, this area is an excellent place to explore during vacations to Brazil.

A small and fairly unknown area, Galinhas Beach and the surrounding port area was filled mainly by local fishermen up until the mid 1990s when Brazilian themselves began frequenting the shores, transforming it into a tourist hotspot. Discovered initially by locals, Galinhas’ popularity grew and news of it spread through media outlets until it became known worldwide as a wonderful oceanside destination in Brazil. Even though the port has become well-known and visited by millions, it remains relatively small and intimate. Fishing is still a major industry, small businesses thrive, and palm tree plantations are abundant.

Porto de Galinhas proper exhibits roughly ten miles of fine white sand, which is clean and pure. The coast along the beach is home to millennial reefs that act as a natural barrier against rough, ocean currents, making it a safe swimming area. Natural pools are a major highlight with visitors. They form when the tide is low and water is ensnared in the reefs, forming these natural pools that average 78 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. The pools, which are called piscinas naturais, are used for feeding ocean fish, swimming, snorkeling, and even diving. They are the main attractions on the beach and a must-see natural occurrence. In the right conditions, surfing and kite surfing are popular pursuits along with sailing trips and mangrove forest tours.

Heading straight out to the shores of Porto de Galinhas, it’s evident the sandy expanse is extremely narrow and doesn’t fit the description of the main acclaims that Galinhas Beach is one of, if not arguably the, best of all Brazil beaches. In high tide, the beach is as good as gone. Yet, walking either north or south, where most of the beach hotels are located, it’s easy to recognize why this beach area is so celebrated, winning rave reviews from Brazilian nationals and international travelers alike. In only a few minutes’ walk in either direction, the beach widens out nicely. This short walk will not only lead to these beautiful recounted areas, it also offers a much less crowded area to enjoy the clean, clear ocean water and tide pools. Beach chairs are available for rent and food vendors are abundant, offering pricey yet very good quality food.

In the village there is a central square named Pracinha, some small streets, and not much else. Inside this little town, tourist infrastructure includes some lively bars, excellent restaurants, and small, local shops. There are many Brazil hotels lining the coast, from small pousadas to larger hotels and resorts. Food and incidentals cost two to three times as much in the isolated area than they do in nearby Recife. Since most tourists arrive from Recife and travel by bus or car to Galinhas Beach, it is recommended that tourists purchase goods in Recife if planning on staying more than a day or so. Nearby attractions include the cities of Olinda and Boa Viagem Beach, the last of which offers another top quality beach to pass away the days.

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