Morro de Sao Paulo Beaches

Morro de Sao Paulo Beaches
Morro de Sao Paulo beaches sit along the shores of Tinhare Island in the Brazilian state of Bahia. Bahia is one of the biggest of all Brazil’s states, housing a huge expanse of coastline and many excellent Brazil beaches. Morro de Sao Paulo Brazil is about an hour south of Salvador, from which a majority of tourists arrive. Some of the major attractions are the zipline tours that begin in the hills, called morros, and end at the beaches. Due to the areas situation on an island, the beaches of Morro de Sao Paulo are well known, and well-loved, for their isolated location, adding to their intensely quality.

The beaches of Morro de Sao Paulo include four different stretches, one after another, each featuring their own unique attractions. The first of four Morro de Sao Paulo beaches is home to Brazilian summer homes that have, over the years, been transformed into small, local inns, or pousadas. During North American summers (called winter months in Brazil), this area is frequented by surfers catching the excellent waves reeling into shore. This first beach features most of seaside eateries and restaurants in Morro de Sao Paulo Brazil.

Action packed and most exciting, the second beach, are where Brazilian parties are happen during the evening hours. Music is an intense part of this beach experience and part of the rich culture found dispersed throughout the island. Many of the parties last throughout the night, attended by a younger crowd that seem to have boundless energy. Lots of beach-side sports are played here including racquetball, volleyball, and soccer. There is a staircase leading to this second sandy seaside panel, which is a renowned spot for great island views.

Camping is popular along the third section of Morro de Sao Paulo. There are Morro de Sao Paulo hotels, inns, and tents, along with an array of restaurants offering plenty of local favorites. Diving is a popular activity along all Morro de Sao Paulo beaches, yet this third beach is especially enticing. The island of Caita, or Ilha de Caita, is formed by numerous coral reefs creating an exciting underwater setting for divers to explore. Diving and snorkeling equipment is readily available along the beach, from full diving gear to a simple snorkel and mask. Excursions by boat are easily arranged here. They mostly cater to larger groups, but private trips are possible as well. Renting a kayak and paddling to Caita Island is another fun option to consider.

A true sense of quiet is appreciated at the last of the string of four beaches on Morro de Sao Paulo. A massive coral barrier is found here which, when the tide is right, forms natural swimming pools like those at Porto de Galinhas. A good mask is the best equipment to have on hand here so if you’re making the trek, rent one at the third beach on the way. Vibrant ocean fish and other marine species are easily spotted throughout the coral. A fifth beach, which is really an extension of the fourth, can be found by walking a little farther along across a mangrove everglade and a tiny river. This little river is the main divergent between the next island, called Boipeba, and Tinhare Island. This is where visitors will find Garapua, a small fishing town featuring a lovely ocean basin in Morro de Sao Paulo Brazil.

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