Mazatlan is the largest commercial port in all of Mexico, as well as a top tourist destination. Its dynamic beaches and the other great attractions that draw outsiders in. One of these attractions is the Mazatlan Lighthouse. Also known as El Faro, this lighthouse affords amazing views of the city and the Pacific Ocean.

Mazatlan is different than most of the other Mexican coastal resorts in that it is part resort, part thriving city. More than 400,000 people call it home, and they have plenty to brag about. For starters, there are beaches to suit all kinds of tastes, and it doesn't hurt that fresh seafood is in good supply at the local restaurants. There are also wonderful year round weather, beachfront golf courses, the historic Old Town district, and the deep sea fishing possibilities.

While there are lots of options for things to do in Mazatlan Mexico, many visitors opt to spend the bulk of their time on the beach. There are active beaches with watersports options galore, more relaxed beaches where you can drift off to the sounds of the surf, and beaches where divers and surfers can indulge for hours on end. Two of the best Mazatlan beaches for those who like lively atmospheres are Playa Sabalo and Playa Gaviotas.

Other beaches that help to make Mazatlan such a fantastic vacation destination are Playa Olas Altas, Playa Bruja, and Playa Los Pinos. This is one of the rare Mexico beach resorts that offers amazing surfing, and these are among the top beaches in the area for hanging ten. Playa Olas Altas might just claim the best surf around. You can find it right on the western edge of downtown Mazatlan, which puts it in the heart of the city's Golden Zone beach area.

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Mazatlan Beaches

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