Los Cabos Beaches

Los Cabos Beaches
Los Cabos beaches are some of the most desirable on the Pacific side of Mexico. Los Cabos refers to the area that comprises most of the Baja Peninsula south of La Paz, including San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, and the Resort Corridor located in between these two towns. The beaches in Cabo San Lucas and the Los Cabos area are among the best in Mexico, and the warm water and lovely scenery are always a draw.

Vacationing in Los Cabos gives you the opportunity to experience a variety of beaches. The beaches that face the Pacific Ocean along the Baja Peninsula are much more windswept and the currents are markedly choppier. The beaches that face the Sea of Cortez (the body of water in between the Baja Peninsula and the Mexico mainland) provide calmer surf and more placid conditions in general. Some of these beaches, tucked away in breathtaking coves and picturesque bays, are idyllic locations for soaking in the sun of Baja California Sur. Be sure to bring plenty of sun block, and a hat to keep out the rays is also advisable. You can rent/buy everything from coolers and umbrellas to boogie boards and beach toys for the kids in both San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

Medano Beach

Medano Beach, or Playa El Medano, (the Dune Beach) is the main beach for swimming and other water related activities in Cabo San Lucas. It starts at the eastern side of the harbor at Cabo San Lucas and stretches along the Cabo San Lucas Bay to Villa del Palmar. There are endless things to do at this beach, including kayaking, jet skiing, parasailing, and playing volleyball. There are also a wide range of public accommodations and facilities, tons of restaurants, bars, and places to buy souvenirs. As this is one of the most popular Los Cabos beaches, you can generally expect to find large crowds. Large beaches like this one generally always have guards on duty during daytime hours.

Lover’s Beach

Lover’s Beach is another of the most picturesque beaches in Los Cabos, and it’s one of the best Mexican beaches overall, but you will need a variety of watercraft to make it to this remote destination. This beach is perfect for people who wish to break away from the crowds of tourists and enjoy a tranquil day or evening along the ocean. You can arrange for a water taxi to drop you off and pick you up later in the day. It is always a good idea to agree upon a fixed price prior to making your final arrangements. Although beaches in Los Cabos do not get much prettier than this, you should be extremely cautious when trying to swim in these choppy waters. There are no public facilities or guards on this beautiful stretch of beach that faces the Sea of Cortez.

La Playita

La Playita (the Little Beach) is one of the most alluring San Jose del Cabo beaches. This is not the best beach for swimming or snorkeling, but it is the ideal location in Los Cabos for sport fishing.

El Estero

El Estero is another of the San Jose del Cabo beaches. It starts at the eastern end of Playa Hotelera in San Jose del Cabo. Here you will find an amazing freshwater estuary that features over 350 species of wildlife as well as gorgeous vegetation.

Playa Palmilla

This is an exclusive resort beach area in Cabo where guards patrol the outer areas to ensure that non-guests do not get to enjoy the private beach. There are major villas and hotels here, but the beaches themselves do not have public facilities (including bathrooms), just a few trashcans. Nonetheless, this is a beautiful beach to enjoy, especially if you are staying at one of the luxury hotels.

Playa Costa Azul

This is Cabo’s best beach for surfing. Avid surfers from all over the world come to this beach to test their skills against the challenging waves. The beach is lined with condos and people walk along it and enjoy the views, but very few test the choppy waters for swimming.

Playa Santa Maria

One of the best beaches in Los Cabos is Playa Santa Maria—a horseshoe-shaped bay surrounded by craggy rocks, yet the surf is gentle enough to make this a great place for families. Both snorkeling and swimming are good here, especially if you can get here early in the day. Since these waters are protected, expect to see a great range of undersea creatures.

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