Bilbao Beaches

Bilbao Beaches
Bilbao beaches are peppered along the northern coast of Spain and offer both residents and tourists an opportunity to enjoy fine sand, clear blue waters, and a wide variety of activities. The city proper is a few miles inland from the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic Ocean, but there are a number of beautiful beaches in Spain within extremely close proximity. Bilbao is approximately equidistant from Santander and San Sebastian. Many alluring beaches near Bilbao Spain can be located in between. There are many activities to enjoy, whether you are interested in boating, fishing or diving, or just passing away time in the warm sun and surf.

Playa de Bakio

Playa de Bakio is located fewer than ten minutes from the heart of Bilbao and is one of the most popular beaches anywhere around the city. During the summer season, crowds of people flock to Playa de Bakio to enjoy water sports and activities, as well as rest and relaxation. There are a range of restaurants and bars within close range, as well as places to rent scuba gear and equipment for fishing. The relatively calm surf makes this a nice place for families with small kids. Although it is a popular beach, it does not get so crowded that you cannot enjoy a pleasant family outing.

Playa de Azkorri

Playa de Azkorri is a breathtaking beach located in Getxo, just a couple of miles from Bilbao. It is considered among the top beaches near Bilbao Spain, offering stunning views of the sea with the Punta Galea Cliffs as the impressive backdrop. This particular beach is not perfectly suited for swimming, but is absolutely treasured by water sport enthusiasts of all stripes. Just a few of the activities include surfing, kayaking, boogies boarding, and wind surfing. There is a large parking lot, public facilities such as bathrooms and changing rooms, as well as a lifeguard tower.

Playa de La Arena Muskiz

This is just one more breathtaking beach located within a few miles of Bilbao. It is a huge beach that has a parking lot that can accommodate some 2,500 cars. This is one of the most modern beach destinations near Bilbao, offering areas designated just for the kids, concessions, lifeguards, and public facilities. This is one of the beaches near Bilbao Spain where you can take the family for the entire day. Besides offering lots of modern amenities, rentals, and services on the beach, there are also a variety of restaurants and bars not too far away.

Playa Plentzia

Playa Plentzia is a popular beach and the last stop on the Bilbao metro line. There is a fine selection of restaurants and places to drink, as well as shops, cafes, and plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the beach. It is far less relaxed and private than large beaches like Playa de La Arena Muskiz and Playa de Bakio. There are lifeguards on duty as well as public facilities.

Bilbao is one city in the north of Spain where it is possible to reach any number of beautiful beaches within a few miles. Although it is set off of the coast by a few miles, access to the white sandy beaches could not be easier.