Bilbao Spain
Bilbao is a beautiful city in the northeastern part of Spain. It is situated close to the border of France and is within close proximity of the Cantabrian Sea and the Bay of Biscay. Bilbao is the capital of the Basque Country. It has a population of over 350,000, with an estimated population of nearly 900,000 for the greater metropolitan area. It is primarily a tourist destination for people from within Spain, as well as neighboring France and other countries in Western Europe like England and Germany.

Bilbao is a city that offers a truly diverse and international experience. It is rich in art and culture, as is perhaps best evidenced by the presence of the Museo Guggenheim Bilbao. This museum opened in 1997 and has, on its own, been a major driver of tourism to the city in northern Spain. The architecture of this stunning contemporary museum is reason enough alone to visit. There is an amazing permanent collection of twentieth-century art and ever-changing variety of world-class exhibits and installations. Teatro Arriaga is another iconic landmark in the city, and a place where visitors and residents have been enjoying fine drama and other entertainment for generations. There is a host of opportunities for guided tours of the city’s top attractions. You will also find no shortage of dining, shopping, nightlife, and entertainment.

Visitors of Bilbao should also consider making the trip to the coast to enjoy some of the beaches lining the Bay of Biscay. Guests of Bilbao Spain who want to visit the beach may just be better off making the hour-long trip to San Sebastian. Although there are not a whole lot of beaches, there are in fact a wide array of activities and attractions in town, and those with cars and reach fine beaches in less than an hour in either direction of the city.

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Bilbao Beaches

Bilbao Beaches

Bilbao beaches are peppered along the northern coast of Spain and offer both residents and tourists an opportunity to enjoy fine sand, clear blue waters, and a wide variety of activities. The city proper is a few miles inland from the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic Ocean, but there are a number of beautiful […]