Portofino Beaches

Portofino Beaches
If you desire picture perfect Italy, full of pastel colored houses, charming marinas, and a romantic atmosphere, than Portofino should be at the top of your list. Located in the northern section of Italy, Portofino beaches are a perfect place to relax and at the same time soak up the culture of one of Italy’s most beautiful towns. Spend your day indulging in water sports, sampling fresh seafood, and learning details about how to live La Dolce Vita, meaning “the sweet life,” during your trip to Italy. One of the most famous of the areas in Italy, along with the Amalfi Coast and Capri, Portofino is the perfect place to soak up that famous Italian sun.

Portofino proper

Similar to many areas along this northern coast of Italy, Portofino beaches are really nonexistent. While there are many places to sunbathe and enjoy the views from the coast, this town is characterized by its stunning harbor and fishing village. While this may disappoint travelers that are dreaming of beaches in Portofino Italy, there is an alternative. A few minutes away by car is the lovely Paraggi beach.

Paraggi Beach

Portofino is known for being a chic resort in Europe. While this is a wide known fact, many travelers are surprised to learn that proper beaches in Portofino Italy don’t exist. However, if you drive for a few minutes along the coast, you will find spectacular Paraggi beach, which is truly one of the best beaches in Italy. This is where the locals go to upkeep their perfect golden tans, and where you can recover from big meals of pasta and pizza with a little sunbathing. Don’t forget your sunscreen; the sun is deceptively strong at this beach. This secluded stretch of sand is known more for its romantic atmosphere than for welcoming families. For an intimate escape outside Portofino, Paraggi beach is ideal.

Boat Rentals

Who says you need a beach to enjoy the coastline of Portofino? One of the best ways to see everything and still work on your tan is to charter a boat. Local guides will have itineraries for every interest and hobby. Secluded bays, stunning cliffs, and teeny beaches will all be revealed during a boat trip. While afternoon boat trips complete with picnics are popular, so is a sunset sail. If you can’t choose between these two attractive options, don’t. On different days of your trip plan two different boat trips and make the most of your time spent in Portofino. Expect to see many people sunbathing on yachts during your visit to this area of Italy.

Nearby Beaches

One of the most popular places nearby is Cinque Terre. These five fishing villages are known for their unspoiled beauty, and as being great places for hikers. During the summer, small coves and hidden beaches are perfect for lazy afternoons in the sun. This destination is definitely more for the adventurous crowd, who might want to spend an hour hiking to their beach for the day. There are some beaches in the villages as well, but the best beaches are between the villages along the hiking trails. From Portofino to Cinque Terre, this coastline of Italy is one of the most captivating in the country.

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