Poetto Beach

Poetto Beach
If you’re dreaming of a Sardinian beach vacation, the following details about Poetto beach will make you want to book a trip right now. Whoever said beaches can’t offer cultural experiences has clearly never set foot on Poetto beach, where you will be surrounded by locals speaking the language, soaking up the sun, and even dancing and partying after dark. Instead of visiting the better-known Italy beaches that everyone has been to, why not get off the beaten path a little? When you go to Poetto Cagliari, you can go home pretty assured that you experienced something rare and spectacular.

Poetto beach is located in the town of Cagliari, and it is the area’s main beach. This is for good reason, as it is a wide beach with great views of the shimmering water. The beach is very popular with residents of Cagliari, so no matter what day of the week you arrive to sunbathe in the Sardinian sun, you are guaranteed to be surrounded by the local language, food, and customs. If you are the type of beach bum that wants to throw your towel down on the sand, go right ahead, but for a little money, you can also rent chairs and umbrellas to make your day at the beach even more comfortable.

Despite its serene atmosphere, Poetto Cagliari also offers a few activities for those travelers who can’t spend a whole day sunbathing. If you’re into fitness, you are sure to see local residents out for a morning jog or riding a bike. Swimming and snorkeling are also popular here, and the calm waters are perfect for families with kids. For some travelers, their favorite time to visit this beach is after dark, especially during the summers, when dance parties are frequent occurrences. Bring along a bottle of local wine and get ready to dance the night away with your new friends at Poetto beach.

There is also popular beach located nearby, called Chia Beach. This another of the best known beaches in Sardinia, and is famous for the flamingoes that are sometimes present. Both of these beaches are popular with locals, and during the summer time, especially weekends in August, will attract very large crowds. If you’re looking for a secluded beach with lots of space, you might be disappointed to arrive in August and find a crowded beach. In August, many Italians take ‘holidays’ for the month, closing down their shops in the cities and heading to the beach. Add this to the local residents who want to cool off at the beach and crowds inevitably result.

Poetto Beach is ideal if you’re looking to really unwind. While some beaches in the Italian Riviera or the Amalfi Coast offer the chance to combine sunbathing with sightseeing, the beaches in Sardinia will allow you to spend days and days on the beach guilt-free. Italian markets are a popular place to stock up on picnic supplies, and don’t be afraid to pack along your big sunglasses, all of the Italians will be wearing them! To experience the beach at its best, avoid the height of summer, but otherwise, this beach is welcoming and unspoiled.

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