Ostia Beach

Ostia Beach
If you’re in Rome but are craving a day at the beach, there is an answer to your prayers near the city. Ostia beach is the most popular choice for a daytrip away from Rome, and is located only 20 miles from the city and is accessible by train. Travelers shouldn’t expect a quaint, secluded beach that might be found in Sardinia, as this beach is well known to locals and travelers alike, and often experiences crowds. From May to September you will be able to sunbathe comfortably at the Ostia Rome beach, so go ahead and skip yet another museum in favor of a relaxing day in the sun.

Some travelers enjoy the journey to the seaside as much as the beach itself. Getting outside of Rome for a day to visit Ostia beach can feel like an adventure, especially if you’ve never experienced Italy’s train system before. Most times, there are between two and four trains per hour to the Ostia Rome beach, and the journey takes approximately 40 minutes. During the train journey, you are bound to see others heading for the beach. This beach has become especially popular for students and young travelers, and less popular for families. There will also most likely be commuters on the train, as locals from the area around Ostia beach take the train into Rome for work.

There’s only more step required to reach the beach. From the train station, a bus will connect you to the free, public beach. Once you arrive you will hardly believe that you are so close to the bustling city of Rome. Rolling dunes are stunning, the glimmering sea looks completely pristine, and on most days, there will be eye candy everywhere. If you prefer your Italian beaches with more services, you can skip the public areas and pay a small admission fee to the private areas, where dressing rooms and lockers are available. Here you can also rent beach chairs and umbrellas, but be sure to bring your own towels, as there usually aren’t any to rent.

Some visitors also prefer the private parts of Ostia beach because there are many conveniences like snack bars and restaurants. This area of the beach is also known for being especially popular with young people. Young locals come here to meet and mingle, and some visitors wind up enjoying that culture as well. If you’re into water sports, a favorite game here includes two paddles and a ping pong ball, but no net. Usually played at the water’s edge, you will see many locals get very animated if two people get a good volley going. If you’re more interested in nature than sports, there’s also great bird watching nearby.

Basic beach pleasures including sunbathing and swimming will fill your day at Ostia beach. There is plenty of people watching to enjoy here as well. Many travelers are surprised by how much they learn about Italian culture during a single day at the beach. While this beach might not be as famous as the Italian Riviera or Cinque Terre, it is a great, affordable option for a daytrip to the beach from Rome. Bringing a change of clothes will make the train trip back to Rome more comfortable, and once you return, you’ll be ready to hit the town.

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