Costa Smeralda Beaches

Costa Smeralda Beaches
If you’re dreaming of beaches so rich in color, they almost look fake, it’s time to plan a trip to Costa Smeralda beaches in Sardinia. The Costa Smeralda, or Emerald Coast, stretches for 55 miles along the northern coast of Sardinia. While these beaches are known for attracting the rich and famous, the real allure of the region is the picturesque beaches and secluded coves that offer a day in the sun right out of your imagination. Spread along this coast there are 80 bays where sand ranges from white to pinkish, and the day’s activities will include alternating between sunbathing and swimming. Many travelers have left Costa Smeralda Sardinia using the word paradise to describe their trip.

Lisca di Vacca

Every visitor to Sardinia will have their own criteria for a favorite beach. Travelers with an interest in discovering the unspoiled, more rustic Costa Smeralda beaches should check out Lisca di Vacca. The pristine wilderness of this region will seduce you into staying for much longer than you originally anticipated. Panoramic views, sandy beaches, and waters of every hue of blue and turquoise will leave you convinced that Sardinia does indeed have some of the best beaches in Italy.

Archipelago La Maddalena

If you love boating, get ready to fall in love with Costa Smeralda Sardinia. This area of Sardinia is ideal for exploration on a private boat. Especially the archipelago of La Maddalena, which consists of seven large and twenty small islands. For their wildlife and natural beauty, these islands have been declared a National Park. While it is possible to take a ferry to the largest of the islands, called Palau, the best way to discover the ultimate secluded coves and swimming spots is to charter a boat for the day. You might even be lucky to encounter dolphins swimming during your boat trip.

Cala di Volpe

Travelers that are intrigued by the beauty of Costa Smeralda beaches, but would rather stay closer to modern conveniences, will love Cala di Volpe. This area is a world famous luxury resort complete with long, sandy beaches. This is the destination of choice for many European elite travelers who come to soak up Sardinia’s beaches. The most popular activities here are the relaxing ones, so expect plenty of sunbathing and splashing around. Bring along a good novel to keep you company and walks on the beach will be the perfect sunset entertainment.

When you travel to Costa Smeralda, you will enjoy more than just the beauty of the beaches. Renowned for its culture and high society, you never know who you will see during a trip to the Emerald Coast. Over the years, this coastline has managed to reject the overdevelopment that has plagued other coastlines in Europe, and has remained charming and intimate. From the moment you arrive, the turquoise waters and powdery-soft beaches are guaranteed to enchant you. The golden-tan eye candy strutting down the beach will most likely contribute to this feeling as well. If you’re looking for a scene beyond the beaches, other beaches in Italy to check out include the Italian Riviera and the island of Capri.