Capri Beaches

Capri Beaches
Many travelers dream of visiting the exotic isle of Capri, but are disappointed to discover the lack of proper beaches. Capri beaches aren’t what many travelers would think of as traditional beaches, with wide stretches of sand and plenty of room to spread out. Instead, this rocky island is known for its sunbathing areas, called lidos. Capri Italy is famous for these bathing areas that have been cut directly into the dramatic coastline. While you might not be sinking your toes into golden sand, the positive side of this is that the views are absolutely breathtaking.

The Pebble Seafronts

The closest things to proper Capri beaches that exist are two small pebble seafronts at Marina Grande and Marina Piccola. While you won’t find a wide area here to set up your towel or beach chair, both of these spots offer great access to the aquamarine waters that Capri is famous for. Marine Piccola is also famous for its views of the incredible Faraglioni Rocks. If you’re looking for wide, sandy beaches in Italy instead, look into planning a trip to the Costa Smeralda, or Emerald Coast, in Sardinia.

Club Nettuno Capri

After the two pebble seafronts in Capri Italy, the most famous place to work on your tan is Club Nettuno. Located near the fascinating Blue Grotto (be sure to take a boat tour here to see the famous refracting light during your visit), Club Nettuno is one of the oldest bathing spots on the island. Over the years it has developed into an exclusive beach club. Like many other spots in Capri, one of the highlights will be the view.

Lido del Faro

The outrageous views continue at Lido del Faro, a bathing spot and restaurant located ten minutes from the center of Anacapri. Located beneath the lighthouse right at the water’s edge, this is one of the most beautiful places to work on your tan in Capri. Since 1971 sun worshippers have been coming to this spot cut into the rocks on the coast to savor the sun, the views, and the food at the restaurant.

Exploring the coast of Capri by Boat

If you’re disappointed by the lack of proper Capri beaches, take things into your own hands by chartering a boat. One of the best ways to see the island is from the water anyway, so why not rent a boat from Marina Grande and spend an afternoon circling the island? Pack a picnic along and your day might be more interesting than a regular day at the beach.

Where to Find the Sun

With a lack of proper beaches, there is a great demand in Capri for excellent hotel pools. You will find at many hotels that pools with a view are one of the most praised amenities. Across the island there are lidos that are cut into the rock, some offering services such as restaurants and bathrooms, while others are more rustic. Depending on what type of beach experience you are looking for, you can choose a certain lido, hotel, or pebble beach to spend your day soaking up Capri’s sun. Don’t let the lack of sandy beaches discourage you from visiting Capri; you are still guaranteed to leave with a better golden tan than you arrived with.

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