Calabria Beaches

Calabria BeachesThe coastline of Italy always offers new beaches to discover. From the chic resorts of the Italian Riviera to the secluded coves of the Amalfi Coast, sun worshippers will have limitless choices when it comes to beaches in Italy. If you’re the type of traveler that wants to get off the beaten path a bit, head south to explore Calabria beaches. Picturesque Calabria is the last province before the island of Sicily, and while for years it was known as the gateway to Sicily, now the beaches are attracting more and more attention. In Calabria Italy you will enjoy life’s simple beach pleasures including sunbathing, swimming, and fresh seafood.

The Basics About Calabria

Many travelers are shocked to read that this region of Italy alone is home to over 500 miles of coastline. That’s a lot of beaches, seaside villages, and secluded coves to explore! The good news is, each one is just as beautiful, and sometimes more beautiful, than the next. Adventurous travelers will want to explore with a rental car, while others will stick to Calabria beaches that are close to villages with conveniences like restaurants, hotels, and restrooms.

Praia A Mare

Calabria Italy is well known to Italians as having one of the best beaches in the country: Praia A Mare. Located on the northwest coast of Calabria, this beach extends for 1.2 miles of sand and pebbles. Equally beloved is a small island, Isola di Dino, which provides beautiful sea coves for adventurous travelers to explore. There are no beaches on the island, but the coves provide entertainment with their stunning stalagmites. If your group is mixed and half the people want to relax, and others want to explore, Praia A Mare will be ideal for both parties.


One of the best known Calabria beaches is Tropea. The result of this fact is that the beach is often crowded. Since it is only 1640 feet long and 100 feet wide, this beach can sometimes become overwhelmed with people. Despite this fact, soft sand and beautiful cliffs make this a pleasant destination for a day at the beach. If you need options for food and drink nearby, you will love Tropea. Lining the seafront you will find sandwich shops, pizzerias, seafood restaurants, and more waiting to fulfill your craving for Mediterranean cuisine.


The opposite end of the spectrum for Calabria beaches is Caminia. These beaches are much less developed, and while they don’t offer the same level of services you will find in Tropea, you also won’t find the same level of crowds. Surrounded by dramatic cliffs and warm water, Caminia is one of the most spectacular, unspoiled beaches on the eastern coastline of Calabria. If you like your beaches less developed and are willing to pack a picnic for your unforgettable day at the beach, Caminia is the Calabria beach for you.

Beyond Calabria

There are many more beaches in Italy beyond Calabria that also offer a rustic experience. From some of the more secluded beaches of Sardinia to the hidden coves between the villages and the coast of Cinque Terre, travelers will find stretches of golden sand throughout Italy that will fulfill their beach fantasies.

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