Amalfi Coast Beaches

Amalfi Coast BeachesThe Amalfi Coast evokes a reaction from travelers that’s matched by few places in Italy. This stretch of coastline, south of Naples and north of Salerno, offers some of the most picturesque villages and lovely beaches in Italy. Here, pastel-colored buildings cling to cliffs and history dating back to Rome can be seen. Many people come for the limoncello, the architecture, and the romantic restaurants, but beaches are another great reason to visit. One difficulty is that the summer can be a crowded season, with the one-lane coast road becoming clogged, especially on weekends. Set up early on Amalfi Coast beaches to avoid this obstacle.


One of the most famous places along the Amalfi Coast is a small village called Positano. Known for its beauty and for being a subject of inspiration for writers and artists, Positano also has a small beach. This coastline is not known for its expansive beaches, actually to the contrary, this area of Italy has a very rocky coastline where the only hope of beaches is small coves that are the choice of locals. In Positano, it is best to lounge at the pool of your hotel or to get in the car for one of the beaches that lies between major towns.


The next major town along this coast is the village that gave the Amalfi Coast its name. Famous for its historic cathedral as well as being a major producer of limoncello, Amalfi only has a small beach of pebbles to offer visitors. Despite this fact, this can be one of the most crowded of the Amalfi Coast beaches. If you’re looking for a relaxing day at the beach, leave Amalfi behind. Pack a picnic, hop in the rental car, and settle into the sand at one of the coves between major towns.


Another popular stop along the Amalfi Coast is the town of Ravello. This mountain town is located inland however, and doesn’t offer any beaches. However the stretch of coastline between Amalfi and Ravello does. Hit the market for picnic supplies before getting in the rental car and braving the hairpin turns to claim your patch of sand. Don’t even dream of leaving before sunset; the views are spectacular.

Just Beyond the Amalfi Coast

Located off the Amalfi Coast is the isle of Capri. Boarding a ferry from Sorrento, Capri can be reached easily. This rocky island doesn’t offer expansive beaches either, but it does have many lidos, or sunbathing areas cut directly into the rocks. Just beyond Amalfi is the town of Salerno, where travelers will find one of the best beaches in the area. Beware however that this beach is extremely popular with locals. One of the benefits of the Amalfi Coast is that within a short distance you can choose what type of atmosphere you desire on that particular day. If you want to relax on a secluded cove this is possible. If you prefer to do some people watching on the crowded beach in Amalfi, this is close by as well. Wherever you choose to set up shop, the golden sun of Italy will accompany your trip.

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