Elia Beach

Elia Beach
Elia Beach is a gorgeous resort destination on the island of Mykonos in Greece. It is one of the longest stretches of sandy beach on this entire island, which is considered to be the most cosmopolitan in the Greek chain. Mykonos garners this reputation because of the vibrant nightlife scene, which is ubiquitous on the island, and party beach environment that features live music, DJs, lots of sports, and lots of people watching. Elia Beach is not as crowded as other beaches on Mykonos such as Paradise Beach, but does offer a wide range of services and amenities, and is situated nearby a host of taverns, restaurants, beach bars, and places to shop.

Elia Beach Mykonos is located on the southern coast of the island about ten miles away from the capitol. It is easily accessibly by car or boat from many other esteemed resort destinations on Mykonos. It is worth noting that the beach is the last stop on what is known as the Caique (or traditional fishing boat that is employed in the service of a water taxi). As such, it is a bit quieter than those Greek beaches in the middle of the route. And you do not have to sacrifice proximity to activities and attractions in order to enjoy this partial respite from the tourist crowds. Another point worth noting is that this beach is particularly popular with naturist sunbathers.

One of the great benefits of this particular beach on the island of Mykonos is that there are comprehensive public facilities, including all of the beach services you could ask for. There are lifeguards on duty, restrooms and changing rooms, showers, and concessions. There are also several sports shops that specialize in renting out gear and equipment for the popular beach activities. These include wind surfing, jet skiing, and scuba diving. Snorkeling, deep sea fishing, and swimming are also top activities. If you so choose, you can rent your own boat or charter a craft with a captain in order to enjoy the high seas and relax at the same time. People also enjoy the opportunity to parasail on Elia Beach. Unless you are particularly averse to naturist sunbathers, Elia Beach Mykonos resembles a laid back family resort. It can get busy during the peak season, but relative to other tourist hot spots like Paradise and Super Paradise Beach, it is not that busy. The host of options for dining, shopping, and entertainment are more reasons why this is an appealing option for visitors of Mykonos.

The nightlife scene of Mykonos Island awaits when you finally wrap up your day of relaxing on Elia Beach. You will not have to look far for a party, whether you wish to stay nearby your resort or hotel, or rather fancy the opportunity to head into the town of Mykonos and try out some of the amazing nightclubs. Be ready to party into the wee morning hours.

Elia Beach is just one of the fantastic beaches on Mykonos Island. It is well-maintained and organized, clean, and provides services and facilities that make for a stress-free day in the sun.

Top image: photographerglen (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0

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