Plaka Beach

Plaka Beach
Plaka Beach is one of the most picturesque and alluring beaches on the island of Naxos in Greece. Naxos is the largest of the Greek Cyclades, surrounded by both the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea. Plaka Beach is specifically situated on the west coast of Naxos. The stretch of coastline upon which it sits is known as one of the most appealing in this group of islands, and indeed, many would argue, in all of Greece. Plaka Beach Naxos is a resort destination that is perfectly suitable for families, offering a variety of accommodations, as well as plenty of places for dining, shopping, and entertainment.

Plaka Beach offers a comprehensive range of public facilities, and pretty much everything in the way of beach services and amenities. It is adjacent to Agia Anna Beach, another long and wide stretch of coast that also offers a large number of restaurants, bars, and beach activities. Together they offer one huge stretch of white and golden sand and beautiful blue water. Plaka is specifically alluring because it offers two different areas: one where you can rest and relax, another that is more lively with water sports and activities. One of the advantages of Plaka is that there is plenty of room to relax amidst the dunes and the warm surf.

Water sports and activities are very popular at this beach as well. However, you may want to rent your gear closer to one of your main towns and throw it in the trunk. There are a few places to rent gear and equipment, but they are not always open. This is a destination beach where there are some accommodations, but not one that is overwhelmed by shops and other such tourist attractions. Rather, it is a beach that features tasteful restaurants, a nice selection of taverns, and umbrellas and sun beds for rent. One thing that Plaka Beach Naxos has in common with many of the other beaches in Greece is the crystal blue water, which makes the beach appear as an absolute otherworldly paradise. The beautiful dunes, warm surf, and white and golden sand offset the crystal blue waters in an impressive way. If you are packing a beach bag, bring along your camera to capture this beautiful scenery (as well as plenty of water and sunscreen).

Plaka Beach is an excellent swimming beach that is patrolled by qualified lifeguards. This is just one reason why this particular destination on the west coast of Naxos is so popular with families. Other public accommodations include restrooms and a couple of showers. Bring your snorkeling gear if you are interested, as you will be able to take advantage of the crystal clear water. The sand and large flat stones lend itself the uniqueness of the beach on an island that features many relics and artifacts from antiquity. The charm of Naxos is undeniable. The architecture is distinctive, with many houses and buildings constructed into the sides of the cliffs. If you can tear yourself away from the beach, you may consider a visit to top attractions such as the Demeter Temple and the Entrance of Apollo’s Temple.

Top image: Random_fotos (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0

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