Myrtos Beach

Myrtos Beach
Myrtos Beach is one of the most frequently photographed beaches in Greece, and for very good reason. It is situated on the northwest coast of Kefalonia and is best-known for its spectacular kaleidoscope of colorful water. The active tide and marble sediment combine with the crystal-clear water to form deep, azure blues, turquoise, green-blue, and many more. The white marble pebbles that line the beach add one more distinctive element to this already impressively unique stretch of coast. Myrtos Beach Kefalonia is ensconced between two mountains: Agia Dynati and Kalon Oros.

Although visitors will find a selection of activities and attractions, the main appeal of this beach is purely aesthetic. People come here to lie in the sun, soak up rays, and enjoy the good life. You could not ask for a more beautiful or tranquil setting. There are some public facilities, as well as buses that access the beach from nearby Divarata and Assos, but for the most part, this is the kind of beach where you pack up a bag and take in the sights for the day. There are lifeguards on duty at Myrtos Beach and sun beds with umbrellas are available for rent. There is a beach bar, but as this particular location is continually developing, there are more on the way. Myrtos is very well organized and maintained. It is a clean beach that is large enough for people to spread out and have their own space.

One thing that is definitely worth noting in regard to Myrtos Beach is that the undertow is very strong. The tidal currents are such that it is not advisable for anyone who is not a strong swimmer to wade out beyond ten yards or so. Others will find that the current is just fine for their skill level and lifeguards do monitor the beach. However, it is always better to error on the side of caution and be aware of the fact that the current is much stronger than is typical at many other beach destinations in Kefalonia.

You can access the beach in a number of ways. A bus transports people from nearby Divarata during the high season, but it is more typical for people to drive here in a rental vehicle. Most of the people who visit this beach come from outlying resorts or hotels in the likes of Divarata or other coastal communities. They come to Myrtos Beach to enjoy the magnificent views of the mountains and the utterly stunning water. The spectacular color show intensifies even more when the sun begins to set, and the manifold shades of blue give way to gentle hues of purple, red, orange, and yellow. Myrtos is not only a fun beach to visit during the day, but it is also an ideal escape for a sunset stroll.

Whether you arrive by bus or car, be aware that it is necessary to wear sandals or flip-flops of some kind because of the pebbles. Also, be sure to bring your camera along, as this is one beach in Greece that you will never want to forget.

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