St Tropez Beaches

St Tropez Beaches
St Tropez beaches are known for being the most decadent, hedonistic, and also beautiful sandy beaches in the French Riviera. With a happening tourist culture that features innumerable beach clubs, live entertainment, and trendy bars and restaurants, these South of France beaches are perfect for those who wish to see and be seen. Despite its reputation for exhibitionism, however, there are also some family-friendly beaches in St Tropez where children can safely swim and play. More intense and pleasure-seeking than either the Nice beaches or the beaches in Cannes, St Tropez is the perfect place for those who want to play all day and all night.

Baie de Pampelonne

Most of the most popular St Tropez beaches and the center of tourist activity in the town is located on the stretch of beach lining Pampelonne Bay just a few miles from the town center. This beautiful expanse of powdery white sand is about as nice of a beach as you can get in Europe, and it seems like thousands of other tourists have discovered this too. Most of the beach along this stretch is private, meaning you’ll have to purchase access to the private beach club that controls access to the beach; this covers your dressing room and sun lounger rental fees. Two of the more popular beach clubs in this area are La Voile Rouge, which features racy entertainment and topless dancing, and Le Club 55, a posh club that almost exclusively serves the moneyed jet-set. Expect to drop a large chunk of cash at any of the clubs lining Pampelonne Bay, as you’ll have to pay not only an entrance fee, but for drinks and food throughout the day.

Plage de Tahiti

While technically part of the Pampelonne beach, Plage de Tahiti deserves its own mention as one of the most notoriously outrageous south of France beaches. Topless and nude men and women wander the beach in brash unconcern, and trendy restaurants and bars pay service to sunbathers. Popularized by Brigitte Bardot and other celebrities, Plage de Tahiti features soft golden sand and a trendy atmosphere.

Plage des Graniers

For those who would like to enjoy the beach apart from the bling-bling of the Pampelonne beaches, the Plage des Graniers is the most popular public beach in St Tropez. Situated just a few minutes’ walk from the center of down right underneath the citadel, the Plage des Graniers is a sweet little stretch of sand lined with trees and a few small restaurants. Although it does get crowded in the summer, it’s nothing compared to the mayhem of Pampelonne, and is far more family-friendly, with a beachside playground for children.

La Bouillabaisse

This calm beach club is conveniently located near the center of town and is another family-friendly option, with its own playground near the beach and a quiet restaurant. This is a great option for families looking for a calm and spacious stretch of soft sand and a little extra service.

Plage de l’Escalet

Visitors looking to bathe nude in relative seclusion will find their utopia at the nudist public beach, Plage de l’Escalet, located a few miles outside of St Tropez. A little more difficult to access via an unpaved road, Plage de l’Escalet has a beautiful view of the ocean and plenty of bathers au naturel.

Plage des Salins

This tiny private beach a few miles from St Tropez on the Route des Salins is small and secluded, with a less developed tourist feel. A casual family-friendly restaurant is located here, with ample parking, and you can rent sun loungers and parasols for an undisturbed day of simplicity on the beach.

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