Marseille is the oldest city in France. It is also the country's second largest city after Paris and serves as a thriving port. In Marseille, various influences combine to set an eclectic stage, as is partly evidenced by the various shopping and dining options, and there is definitely a metropolitan air to the city. A center of history and art, this city caters to a wide range of interests, and when you add in the wonderful beaches, it only becomes more clear that this is a place that can impress on many different levels.

Found on France's south coast in the French Riviera region, Marseille is especially popular with tourists during the summer season. This is because the area beaches are in high demand. Just outside of the city, public beaches such as Plage du Prado await, and you can easily reach them by way of bus from the Vieux Port area. Plage du Prado, much like Plage de la Corniche, is one of the best Marseille beaches, especially for swimming and sunbathing. Grayish in color and rocky in parts, these beaches aren't the softest on the planet, though they are wide and provide ample room to stretch out. They are also picturesque, thanks in part to the cliffs that back them.

Marseille has long been a popular sailing destination, so you might man a craft and head out on the water for some boating fun when the urge to get up off the sand kicks in. Power boats are also quite popular, and it's not uncommon to see windsurfers plying their trade. Public swimming pools complement the area beaches, so you can take advantage as you see fit.

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Marseille France Beaches

Marseille Beaches

Marseille France beaches offer pleasant Mediterranean weather, close proximity to the charm of the old port, and a range of pebbly or sandy beaches. While the beaches of Marseille may not be as beautiful as the fine white-sand beaches of other locations on the French Riviera, they can be well worth a morning or afternoon […]