Leucate Plage

Leucate Plage
Leucate Plage is a popular beach resort area in the south of France on the Mediterranean coast. It is situated near the town of Leucate, although the beach area is quite secluded and offers a calming beach resort experience. The beaches here boast some eleven miles of fine golden sand, and they’re some of the prettiest French beaches in the southern part of the country.

Surfers and nudists will particularly enjoy Leucate Beach. For the former, the beaches of Leucate are well-known for kite-surfing and windsurfing, and various other water sports that depend on the wind. For those who enjoy relaxing on the beach au naturel, Leucate Beach has a section that is officially designated a nudist beach, where you can throw caution to the winds and soak up the sun as nature intended. A couple of naturist resorts accompany the nude beach, should you wish to continue the experience over a few days.

Leucate Plage proper is a family beach, and you can bring your family, your beach towels, and your parasol and spend a day enjoying the soft pale sand and turquoise Mediterranean waters. Cliffs that surround the lagoon provide shelter, although there is usually enough wind for kite and windsurfing. These two sports are often done on the salt-water lakes located a little bit inland from the main beaches—these lakes have the advantage of calmer waters and a sheltered area, less risky for beginner windsurfers who fear getting swept out to sea. Several local tour operators have kite-surfing lessons available for both adults and children. There are also some unique water sports available at Leucate Beach for the adventurous. With the “Sky Fly” ride, tourists dangle from a cable over the water while holding onto a kite, which pulls them up into the sky, allowing them to “fly” in safety. “Cable-skiing” is another interesting ride, where riders are suspended from a cable that moves them over the water at high speeds, enabling them to learn sports such as water-skiing or wakeboarding quickly and safely. There are also a range of more traditional water sports such as kayaking, paddle-boating, canoeing and fishing.

There are a variety of good restaurants near the beach, where you can eat your fill of fresh seafood and sample some fine local wines. However, Leucate Beach retains a somewhat slow-moving and secluded atmosphere, perfect for families and couples.

Nearby Port Leucate, the town that encompasses Leucate Plage, also has an excellent long beach with soft fine sand and crystal clear waters. The beach at Port Leucate is a bit more happening, as Port Leucate is at the center of the tourist industry. It also provides more amenities such as supermarkets, more accommodation and local entertainment. The beach has a sunken ship, which has become a popular tourist attraction. Despite their popularity as beach resorts, however, both Leucate Plage and Port Leucate are family-friendly, relatively laid-back destinations, the perfect place to get away from it all.

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