Guatemala Beaches

Guatemala beaches, most of which feature black sand, are not found in great abundance in this country, but this is not to say that there is not a good variety, especially along the Pacific coast. The biological diversity and broad scope of unique ecosystems in the country has led to this area being dubbed a biodiversity haven. Guatemala shares borders with Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador. The Caribbean Sea lies to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. One of the great features of the beaches in Guatemala is that they are natural and filled with pristine beauty. The black volcanic sand and the backdrop of the Guatemalan highlands make for scenic and memorable visits to the top beaches.

Guatemala is considered by many to be the most visual stunning country in Central America. It not only offers long stretches of pristine coastline like those at Monterrico, Champerico, and Livingston, but also endless attractions, including the Mayan ruins at Tikal and the enormous Lake Atitlan. The mountainous interior region is rife with natural beauty and provides many choice opportunities for eco-tourism, including hiking. Lake Atitlan is one of the largest fresh water lakes in this part of the world, and its beauty is accentuated by volcanic mountains and Mayan villages that surround the lake.

Guatemala offers something for everyone, whether you are interested in exciting expeditions to ancient ruins, or simply desire some rest and relaxation. Monterrico is just one example of a great resort destination that offers everything in the way of guest accommodations and beach amenities.

Best Guatemalan Beaches

Best Guatemalan Beaches

The best Guatemalan beaches offer visitors to this country an opportunity to enjoy pristine natural beauty along unfettered stretches of coastline. The Pacific Coast is where most of the best traditional beaches are located. The diversity of unique ecosystems in Guatemala makes this a truly unique place to visit, for the beaches, but also for […]