Montezuma Costa Rica lies on a peninsula jutting out in the Pacific Ocean. Home to some of the best Costa Rica beaches and some or the best surfing around, this region is packed with places to enjoy your time in the sun. Whether you’re looking for a laid-back place to relax or somewhere to find adventure, you’ll find it along the Nicoya Peninsula.

Over the years, many people have visited Montezuma and loved it so much they’ve stayed. This thriving community of ex-pats and artists has left its mark on the region by starting surf schools, teaching yoga on the beach, and opening some truly remarkable restaurants. Kindred spirits are welcomed with open arms even if they’re just visiting for a short time. For short-term folks, an array of vacation rentals and resorts are located within steps of the shores of Montezuma Costa Rica.

Because of its location, this area is home to more beaches than your average coastal region. Along with its neighbors Santa Teresa and Tambor, Montezuma is home to some marvelous beaches. The list of things to enjoy along the various beaches is long and diverse. Boating excursions and fishing charters are especially popular along the waters of the Pacific, while closer to shore, you’ll have the chance to go for a swim and splash in the surf. In Playa Cocolito, a waterfall tumbles off a cliff into the ocean below.

Some of the beaches lie off the beaten path; they’re quiet places where you can watch the turtles come up on shore or watch for colorful birds. Another colorful world is waiting to be discovered beneath the surface. All you need is a snorkeling or diving equipment and a sense of adventure to see the schools of fish, eels, and rays. In August, whale sharks pass by the Nicoya Peninsula in large numbers.

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Montezuma Beaches

Montezuma Beach

Montezuma beaches run the course of Costa Rica’s southern Nicoya Peninsula. For the last 30 years or so, people from all over have been discovering this scenic slice of the Pacific Coast. But yet the laid-back beach town of Montezuma Costa Rica never seems crowded or touristy. If you’re looking for a place where life […]