Flamingo Beach

Flamingo Beach
Flamingo Beach Costa Rica is one of the best places in the entire country to watch the sun set. Situated along the Gold Coast and the Pacific Ocean, this beach is home to an abundance of natural scenery where the white sand meets the clear-blue waters and the nearly endless skies.

Nestled in the province of Guanacaste, Flamingo Beach is less than a hour from Liberia—the biggest city in the region. Regular flights and buses are available from San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, to Liberia, and land transportation can take you the rest of the way to the Gold Coast. Flamingo Beach Costa Rica is situated between two other popular beaches—Playa Potrero and Playa Brasilito.

While the beach is fantastic in any season, if you’re looking for the sunny, warm weather typical of the tropics, you’ll want to plant a visit between December and April. During the same time when North America is typically mired in winter weather, Flamingo Beach enjoys average temperatures around 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Some rain falls the rest of the year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beach; few days are totally losses. The Gold Coast is truly spectacular any month of the year.

Whether you’re seeking adventure or searching out relaxation, you’ll find it along the sands of Flamingo Beach Costa Rica. Like the other Guanacaste beaches, Flamingo Beach offers a wide range of things to do. Some people will be totally happy splashing in the surf or letting their toes dip in the sand. Others will be most happy with a surfboard or jet ski.

The local marina can equip you with everything you need for ocean fun, whether you need a yacht, boogie board, or something in between. Many boaters know Flamingo Beach because of the marina—it’s the only full-service facility along the Pacific coast between Acapulco, Mexico, and Panama.

Many fishing charters begin at the Flamingo Beach marina. The waters of the Pacific support large numbers of sport fish—throughout the year, snapper, tuna, and marlin are caught of the coast of Flamingo Beach. Charter boat captains know these waters better than anyone; they’re eager to take visitors out to the best places to cast a line and create a few fish tales.

Snorkelers and scuba divers also see marine life up close. Dipping beneath the surface, you’ll find a whole new world, one populated by colorful fish and white-finned sharks. A host of local outfitters lead diving excursions to Flamingo Beach and a nearby island called Plata. If you’d rather admire the scenery without getting wet, consider one of the sailing excursions to Plata, which are especially romantic at sunset.

Within minutes of Flamingo Beach are two scenic natural wonders. Santa Rosa National Park, the first in country, is home to a wide array of landscapes. Hiking trails wind through lush forests, alongside wetlands, and through other amazing places. Off shore, Santa Rosa is a favorite place for surfing. The second natural area, Palo Verde National Park, is a great place for bird watching and eco-tours.

Whatever you decide to pack into your day, you won’t have to go far after dark. Vacation rentals and resorts are located right along Flamingo Beach, one of the best Costa Rica beaches. You’ll also find restaurants that serve everything from casual fare to gourmet, international cuisine—all in view of the beach.

Top image: Geoff S. (flickr)

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