Trunk Bay Beach

Trunk Bay Beach
Trunk Bay Beach ranks among the most beautiful beaches in the world and is without question the biggest attraction on the Caribbean island of St John. Part of U.S. Virgin Islands National Park, it attracts tourists with its sumptuously soft sand and its crystal clear waters. Backing the sand at Trunk Bay St John is lush vegetation, the likes of which includes coconut palms. Views out to sea include small islands that are found just offshore, and the hilly terrain of St John itself adds to the scenic splendor of it all. The setting is divine to say the least, and while Trunk Bay maintains a largely pristine appeal, there are just enough amenities to satisfy those who wish to take advantage.

The snorkeling is especially enticing at Trunk Bay St John, thanks mostly to the 225-yard-long snorkeling trail just offshore. Diving enthusiasts can also expect to get plenty of satisfaction from an underwater adventure. Sailing is just one more way to keep busy when it comes to recreation at Trunk Bay, and on most days, the surf is calm enough to allow for some delightful swimming. When the surf is up, many visitors try their hand at body boarding, while days when the water is very calm often see beachgoers relaxing on various flotation devices. Lifeguards are on duty to help keep any and all Trunk Bay visitors safe, and anyone who wishes to snorkel should know that rental equipment is available.

Playing in the warm water isn’t the only option when it comes to keeping busy at Trunk Bay St John. Kicking back on a beach chair with a drink in hand is all that some visitors understandably have in mind. Beach chairs can be rented, and a snack bar provides cold beverages, as well as various food items. As for Trunk Bay visitors who wish to be more active, it can be fun to explore the area hiking trails. The surrounding park has plenty of routes for the trekking enthusiast, and some of these routes lead to ruins of old sugar plantations.

It is interesting to note that Trunk Bay Beach was once owned by Laurence S. Rockefeller. Thankfully, the famous former owner donated the beach to the National Park Service, and today, it remains open to the general public. Unlike the other St John beaches that are found within the boundaries of U.S. Virgin Islands National Park, Trunk Bay charges admission. The fees are more than reasonable, however, and they only apply to visitors who are age seventeen or older. Facilities that Trunk Bay visitors can take advantage of include a beach shop of sorts, a small visitor center/info kiosk, storage lockers, picnic tables, and barbecue grills. There are also convenient changing areas, as well as bathrooms and showers.

As for where to stay, there aren’t any hotels or resorts within the U.S. Virgin Islands National Park boundaries, so St John visitors who wish to overnight near Trunk Bay tend to turn to the resorts at Caneel Bay and Cruz Bay. They are also known to rely on the campgrounds at Cinnamon Bay and Maho Bay. On the other hand, anyone who is just thinking of dropping by for the day and then returning to nearby St Thomas will be happy to know that Trunk Bay-bound taxis and buses meet the St Thomas ferries at Cruz Bay.

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