St Thomas Beaches

St Thomas Beaches
The St Thomas beaches figure among the very best beaches in the Caribbean. What makes them so appealing is the invitingly soft, white sand and turquoise waters. Only adding to the allure of many top St Thomas USVI beaches is lush, tropical vegetation, and each and every strip of sand that can be found along the island’s coast is open to the public. Some of the beach resorts essentially claim a portion of beach for their guests to enjoy, and they are also known to provide all kinds of beach activity options. St Thomas visitors who aren’t staying at such a resort can rent equipment for activities such as kayaking and body boarding at a number of beach kiosks.

Magens Bay

No discussion about the best St Thomas USVI beaches would be complete without mentioning Magens Bay Beach. Found just a few miles north of Charlotte Amalie, this beach beckons with its calm waters and beauty. Taking a Sunfish sailboat out for a spin is among the most popular things to do at Magens Bay, as is kayaking or paddle boating. Swimming is great for all ages, and while this isn’t the best beach on the island for snorkeling, there are some rocky coast areas that snorkelers can have fun exploring. A snack bar serves up food and drinks for Magens Bay visitors who wish to indulge, while other amenities include restrooms, changing rooms, lockers, and showers. Lifeguards are on duty, and lounge chairs can be rented. A small number of USVI beaches charge an entry fee, and Magens Bay Beach is one of them. Magens Bay Beach is often crowded and is generally considered to be the very best beach on the island.

Coki Point Beach

Also found on the north side of St Thomas island is Coki Point Beach. Known for having clear, warm water, this often-crowded beach is an especially great place to do some swimming or snorkeling. Local vendors actually sell fish food for those who wish to feed the resident fish while snorkeling, and snorkeling equipment is available for anyone in need. Swimming and snorkeling aren’t the only options for things to do, however. Activities such as parasailing and jet skiing can be arranged through the various concessions, and shopping enthusiasts might see what the vendors have to sell. Common items that are sold by the vendors are bags, t-shirts, beach wraps, and towels. Coki Point Beach is right next to the wildly popular Coral World Ocean Park, so many tourists conveniently choose to visit both on the same day.

Grand Beach

While traveling along the north coast of St Thomas, beach enthusiasts might also choose to stop at Grand Beach. Especially popular with couples and families, this lovely beach on Smith Bay gets a lot of attention because of its beauty. Visitors who wish to do more than take in the scenery can engage in a variety of watersports activities, and this is a divine strip of sand that also finds itself within close proximity of Coral World. The snorkeling is particularly excellent.

Sapphire Beach

Another strip of sand that deserves to be included on the best St Thomas USVI beaches list, Sapphire Beach can be found on the eastern end of the island and provides delightful views of offshore cays, not to mention the island of St John. Serving as a backdrop is the tantalizing Sapphire Beach Resort and Marina, and non-guests can always keep this resort’s eateries in mind when hunger or thirst set in. As for popular Sapphire Beach activities, they include windsurfing and snorkeling. The beach itself is wide and safe, which lends to its popularity among families, and lounge chairs can be rented by visitors who have plenty of relaxation in mind.

Secret Harbour

One of the other top St Thomas beaches that calls the east end home is Secret Harbour Beach. Relatively small, this beach is quite charming on the whole, thanks in part to the resident coconut palms. The snorkeling is simply excellent at Secret Harbour, and underwater explorers are encouraged to bring an underwater camera along for snapping shots of the colorful fish. The Secret Harbour Beach Resort provides lodging at Secret Harbour, not to mention a beachfront bar and restaurant.

Morning Star Beach

Also referred to as Frenchman’s Bay Beach, Morning Star Beach is one of the St Thomas beaches that should not be overlooked while exploring the southern coast. Morning Star has little trouble attracting the younger crowd, and regardless of their ages, visitors can look to lodge in either the Marriott Frenchman’s Resort or the Morning Star Beach Resort. A restaurant and bar also calls this strip of sand home, and while there isn’t much in the way of natural shade, it is possible to rent an umbrella to go with your beach chair. Also available for rent at Morning Star Beach are snorkeling equipment, sailboats, and kayaks, among other things, and since the surf ranges from gentle to relatively rough, visitors can often play in the waves.

Vessup Bay

Most of the St Thomas beaches are developed and prone to getting crowded. This does little to dampen their overall allure, but should visitors find themselves looking for quieter strips of sand with less in the way of facilities and people, there are some options. Vessup Bay Beach is one such example. Known for its soft, white sand and its sparkling, turquoise water, Vessup Bay Beach is certainly attractive. A rocky backdrop only accentuates the overall beauty, and the bay in general is full of vegetation. A local concessionaire offers rental equipment for watersports activities.

Hull Bay

Another example of a quieter St Thomas beach, Hull Bay is found to the west of Magens Bay and tends to attract surfers and fishermen. A bar and restaurant is about the extent of the facilities, and those who are looking to hang ten during a visit should know that the western side of Hull Bay Beach is where the best waves are usually to be had.

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