Orient Beach

Orient Beach
The island of St Martin is known for its golden beaches, thrilling water sports, and nightlife too. While you might be concerned about duty-free shopping and what restaurants are like, your main focus for a trip to the Caribbean will probably be the beach. If you’re traveling to the Caribbean, you want a place with picture-perfect beaches where you can soak up the sun and really relax. On St Martin, one of the best options is Orient Beach. Travelers looking for a place to bare all will love the friendly attitude towards nude sunbathing at this beach.

While some Caribbean islands are perfect getaways for families, Orient Bay St Martin isn’t one of them. This is the type of place you’ll want to visit with a romantic partner or group of open-minded friends who can enjoy the clothing optional atmosphere. In fact, Orient Beach is one of the most famous nude beaches in the world, and it attracts many repeat visitors who find the accepting atmosphere unmatched in other Caribbean islands. If you want to experience all this beach has to offer, there are a few things to consider.

St Martin does offer great weather all year long, but it still does have a high season and a low season. From December through April you can expect to pay higher nightly rates for accommodation than during the low season. Another reason travelers love Orient Bay St Martin is the bungalows that are available on the beach here. While many of them were destroyed in the 1995 hurricane (keep in mind hurricane season is at its peak during August and September) they have all been magnificently rebuilt. Located at the south end of Orient Beach, many of these bungalows have incredible views of the ocean. Some travelers think this is the perfect way to begin a day in St Martin.

Orient Beach isn’t the only nude beach on St Martin. The small island, only 37 square miles, can easily be explored by rental car if you also want to do some sunbathing at other nude beaches. Some other popular options for baring all include Cupecoy Beach, Long Baie, and Baie Rouge. Remember that there are two sides to the island, the Dutch side and the French side, and that traffic crossing between the two can be a challenge. It’s best to arrive early and plan on spending a day at a certain beach rather than hopping around.

Another way to enjoy the nude lifestyle of St Martin is with a nude sailing charter. There are many services on the island that can personally tailor a sailing trip to your individual needs, or you can join a group tour. Some visitors however prefer never to leave the shores of Orient Bay St Martin. Aside from sunbathing, other popular activities include snorkeling among the beautiful reefs off the shore, barbequing at beachside grills, and joining in on a wide selection of water sports. Some visitors are surprised to learn that some beachside restaurants here, especially the further south you go, are also clothing optional. A decidedly French liberal attitude keeps many fans of nude sunbathing returning to Orient Beach year after year.

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