Rincon Beaches

Rincon Beaches
Rincon beaches are best-known for their surfing accolades and the town, called Pueblo del Surfing or the Surfing Town, hosts thousands of surfers year after year. About two hours west of San Juan, Rincon Puerto Rico can be reached by passing through the popular towns of Aguadilla as well as Aguada. Once there, the surfing population says it all. Rincon is, after all, the only city to hold the first World Surfing Championships in 1968 and is still the Mecca it once was. You don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Rincon, though. There is snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, beach-combing, sunset gazing, and hiking coastal trail to take in.

Sandy Beach

Situated into Rincon’s coast, Sandy Beach is one of the most popular of all Rincon Beaches. Located on the north coast, there are a variety of amenities that can make a beach visit exceptionally accommodating if that’s your style. Restaurants, bars, and hotels are tucked onto the coast and the steady stream of swimmers, volleyball players, and surfers create add to the activity in one of the most-visited Puerto Rico beaches in peak season.

Spanish Wall Beach

Anyone who appreciates the quiet beauty of a secluded beach will love Spanish Wall Beach, a remote area reachable only via foot along the verdant coastal trails leading in from Rincon’s Domes Beach. Surfers always take the time to make the trek because of the top surfing conditions.

Indicators Beach

Mid-level to experienced surfers love Indicators Beach, a beach in Rincon Puerto Rico that’s ideally close to Rincon Lighthouse Park, an area renowned for its rich history. Though the best waves come in during peak season, off season is a great time to enjoy the personable backdrop and almost non-existent traffic.

Rincon Point

Another of the best surfing spots in the country (yes, most happen to be in and around Rincon), Rincon Point comprises part of Carpinteria State Beach. The bluff here is covered in pretty pines and offers a great lookout. Below, Rincon Beach Park offers all the rest: whale-watching, beach-combing, and a picturesque picnic area, too.

Dogman’s Beach

Advanced surfers the world over hit Dogman’s Beach with unprecedented zeal. The large waves emanate a power unseen among most other Rincon beaches. Called the Toilet Bowl for the incredible swirling suction that can pull even the best surfers under, Dogman’s Beach is for pros only and attracts mostly locals who know it, and the conditions, expertly.

Domes Beach

For either whale watching or wave riding, Domes Beach is a top pick. Waves reach more than ten feet in height, which can only mean this hotspot is renowned for several professional surfing competitions annually. Though the waves get huge, novice surfers still flock here, perhaps to watch the pros in action.

Corcega Beach

Amid the surfing frenzy permeating Rincon Puerto Rico, there are still good family-friendly spots to visit. Corcega Beach is known for having some of the calmest waters in Rincon throughout the year, along with lots of great scenery. Snorkeling and swimming are of particular interest.

Punta Higuero Beach

For the simple desire of finding a beach to kick back and relax on in Rincon, Punta Higuero Beach does the trick. Both locals and tourists fill the area northeast of Rincon Lighthouse, and provide a friendly atmosphere perfect for a day out on the water.

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